Johnson Valley News 11/1/2019

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Tomorrow evening, Saturday, November 2, luscious roast turkey, with
stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, sweet potatoes,
whipped-cream corn and green salad await you at the Johnson Valley
Community Center, plus apple and pumpkin pies, a feast for only 10.00
per person; kids 12 and younger, 5.00.

Doors open 4:30 p.m. Dinner is at 5:00.
invite you to stay after dinner, too, for news, announcements, and the
General Meeting of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association
(non-members welcome!) Everyone welcome!

• Bargain time coming up!

know you have things you no longer want that are just too good to throw
away. Now you have an opportunity exchange them for cash or make a
sweet trade, at the Johnson Valley Tailgate Swap Meet, next Saturday
morning, November 9th.

Meet in the parking lot at the
JV Community Center. Things you don’t need anymore could be just the
treasures that others will scoop up!

We know we will see household goods, decorator items, collectibles, tools and construction supplies, what will you bring?
and buy, shop and swap, during the time when folks are arriving to
have  Saturday Breakfast, between 7:00-10:00 a.m. Vendors, bring your
own tables if needed, come as early as 6:00 to set up.


Desert critters we rarely see unless they fly, insects that hide in
plain sight, camouflaged as something else, only appear at night, or
take cover wherever they find it – or make it.

“Amazing Insects
and other Arthropods of the Morongo Basin,” hosted by the Morongo Basin
Historical Society on Wednesday, November 19, will introduce you to some
unappreciated but fascinating desert dwellers and their adaptations to
triple-digit heat.

Kurt Leuschner, Professor of Entomology at
College of the Desert, presents this Second Wednesday event at 5:30 p.m.
at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum in Yucca Valley, 57116 29 Palms Hwy.

Seating is limited, so come early. Donation 5.00.

• JVIA member George Cayer wrote,

“Check out my latest video of Desert Dreams Gardens and the OctoberFest at Johnson Valley Community Hall Oct 2019

Enjoy and keep smiling”

is a weekender who found the Garden in its early days as Court Prittie
and Don Minnix laid out the first track for the G-scale garden railway.
He practiced aerial photography with a GoPro camera on his first drone,
then mounted it on the locomotive as rolled along.

This became
the initial document in a series he has posted on YouTube, which now
rates as a documentary of the Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden.

the Garden has grown since 2015. How the railroad has expanded. How
more artifacts, large and small, have appeared as the community donated
treasures and “yard art” surviving from homesteader days. Think of the
hours that Court, Don, Ken Cash have dedicated to this project. Think of
all the help from willing weekenders installing the big projects.

opens this video with the newest addition, the steel gateway created
and donated by Tim Norton, another weekender making an amazing

The structures George dubbed “The Town Center”
have appeared over the years, on the preserved remnant of the original
Old Woman Springs Road. Abandoned by the re-routing of Hwy 247 to align
with the road grid of the Johnson Valley community, this ancient trail
crosses the property, allowing a second entrance close to the tracks.

flyover shows every feature, including Ed Warren’s airplane on the
gearbox of an antique windmill, mounted on a derrick to turn with the
wind. The trains winding in and out of the shrubs and trees, under and
over each other, amaze other modelers and those who remember the Lionel
set circling the Christmas.

The Garden appears on FaceBook and other social media, even on Google maps and County publications.

But no one documents it as well as George Cayer.


Volunteer a few hours on a Saturday morning, by joining one of the
breakfast crews! Cooks and pancake cooks welcome, plus help with
serving, dishwashing, or cashiering.

Saturday Breakfast began as
a fundraiser in the 70’s to build the firehouse. The steady flow of
funds it supplies now ensures the Community Center remains open, and
reserves depleted by emergency purchases can be replaced. Best of all,
Saturday Breakfast allows scattered neighbors and weekenders to meet and

JVIA is proud of our A rating. Our volunteers have
all taken their food handler training and passed the test, available
online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to earn their food handler card.

food employee working in San Bernardino County must have a food handler
card from San Bernardino County, Environmental Health Services only.

training and multiple-choice test take about 1-1/2 to 2 hours and cost
$22. Credit, debit, and prepaid debit cards are accepted. JVIA
reimburses you. Your certificate is good for three years (anywhere in
this County).

Check out the online Food Handler Training and Test FAQ at

Talk to manager Kim Abramson, 760-792-4555, or in person at the Saturday Breakfast, 7:00-10:00 a.m.

JVIA needs you!

our new members of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association, you will
receive the Johnson Valley Journal six times a year. You should by now
have received the Nov-Dec issue. If not, we have extras in the lobby of
the Community Center.
The JVIA General Meeting after the first
Saturday Dinners is another resource for finding out what’s happening
around here, and what’s happening with the Johnson Valley Improvement

In between Journals, this JV NEWS e-mail includes
stories and information published in the weekly community news columns
in the Hi-Desert Star, plus additional items of particular interest to
Association members.

If you prefer not to receive these e-mails, simply reply and say Cancel.


• The new information handout about activities in the Center and the Garden next door is available in the lobby.

take one. If you know anyone who may wish to participate or join JVIA,
this will give them an idea of what’s happening around here.

Both JVIA members and non-members are welcome to scheduled activities and special events!

Regularly-scheduled events:

-Saturday Breakfast: 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
-Dinner: every 1st Saturday at 5:00 p.m., followed by the General Meeting (except May and October). Non- members welcome. 
-JVIA Board Meeting: Friday following the 1st Saturday, 6:00 p.m. (except this October, scheduled for Friday, October 18th)
-Card Club: Pinochle on Tuesdays, noon-4:00 p.m.
-Quilters: EACH Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
-Hobby Club: EACH Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Special events:

Homestead Valley Community Council (HVCC) holds regular meetings in
Johnson Valley three times a year on the third Monday, at 3:00 p.m. The
next is on October 21.

-JVIA Fundraising events:
JVIA 10th Annual Oktoberfest! Saturday afternoon, October 12. with lots of craft beers and cider, and a German buffet.
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 2020 will be Saturday afternoon, May 2. No General Meetings those two months.

unique steel Garden Gate manufactured, donated, and delivered by Tim
Norton was up for everyone to see by Oktoberfest, and has drawn a lot of
This handsome new entrance, with the Orange Jubilees,
still blooming, make a show in lots of pictures, too. Of course, Court
and Don planned it that way.

THANKS AGAIN to Garden visitors e-mailing pictures to me at
The Community Center is available for your event, too!
and air-conditioned, with an A-rated kitchen. You are asked for a
donation, and to leave the Center as you found it. Call Betty Munson,
760-364-2207, please leave a message.  
The weather holds fine for riding and 4-wheeling around the desert.

an early start? Stop by the Community Center between 7:00-10:00 a.m.
for the Saturday Breakfast with a never-empty coffee cup. Large
breakfast, only 6.00! Small breakfast, 4.00.

Navigating by GPS? – find your way to the Community Center:
34.3424938     -116.56066880000003.

Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area offers lots of trails for every
kind of vehicle, complete with amazing views and varied terrain.

best way to head out there using community roads: go straight down to
Hwy 247 on the road nearest you. You can cross directly over the highway
legally to the dirt trail running along the north side of Hwy 247.
(Please stay on the dirt shoulders if you travel on the paved Larrea
Road while in or on a green-sticker vehicle.)

Always take water,
tell people where you plan to go. Verizon has pretty good cell coverage
out there; ATT not so much. Never go out there alone.

please, on the community roads. More traffic this season – you can’t see
what’s heading your way, and junior riders are hard to see or hear
around blind corners.

Remember, any vehicle, street-legal or not,
going over 25mph damages dirt roads. Delivery vehicles and the trash
truck do the worst, but OHVs get the blame. Noise can carry, and dust
can drift a long way.

Please take care on Larrea Rd., watch for
vehicles, watch for kids playing. Intersections with the side roads can
be hard to see. Ask your guests to be careful, too; we don’t want their
visit ruined.

p.s. Check out BLM campfire and shooting regulations in the Nov-Dec issue of the Journal, mailing next week.

Johnson Valley Community Center
50567 Quailbush Rd.
Johnson Valley CA 92285

From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Rd,
go 1-3/4 miles up to the corner of Quailbush Rd.
You see the Community Center on your left.

leave a message, I may not recognize your name or number on Caller ID,
and I rarely just pick up the phone because of robo-calls.

Betty Munson

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