Johnson Valley News 07/07/2017

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• The appalling consequences of clearing almost 500 acres of desert habitat will be seen in our own skies and breathed in our own lungs. We live in a land of high winds and traveling sands, and scraping the crust of desert soils multiplies the air pollution.


The County can take legal action against you if you scrape off your property for whatever reason without a permit. But another department of the County now entertains a proposal for permitting NextEra’s Ord Mountain Solar project plus Edison’s Calcite Substation north of Lucerne Dry Lake. The unsolved problem: no economical or truly effective way of taming dust raised during construction or blown from pathways between hundreds of solar panels.

We know how the dust and sand can be lofted and carried for miles by our prevailing westerly-northwesterly winds all the way to Twentynine Palms. How many times do you hear “wind advisories in the high desert?” Several industrial solar plants have proven to multiply the effects  – zero visibility on roads, even sand dunes on neighboring properties.

If you have concerns about breathing dust generated by Ord Mountain Solar, and its impact on our lives and property values, we urge you to come to the next meeting of the Lucerne Valley-Johnson Valley Municipal Advisory Council.


We will hear speakers from the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District. On the agenda is a vote on the endorsement of a letter to County planners recommending installation before construction, at the developer’s cost, of instruments to measure the dust particles in the air, to be monitored by the AQMD.


Show up, folks. Let them know we know and care about what is being done to our desert. We’re meeting on Thursday, July 20, at 5:00 p.m. in the Lucerne Valley Community Center on Hwy 247 next to Pioneer Park.


• We did not count a lot of people at last Saturday’s Two-Buck Chuckwagon dinner at the Community Center, but they all got lots of good stuff to eat. We heard that some people drove all the way from Apple Valley; we do believe they thought it worth the trip.
The hall was so cool and smelled so good as we came in. Jim Hanley and Ken Cash were grilling the hot dogs and hamburgers. Kim Abramson and Linda Walsh were slicing the tomatoes, onions and avocados. Two tables end to end held all the condiments and salads, including Linda’s cole slaw. Joanna Wright filled the big new beverage dispenser supplied by Jim Weishaar with ice cubes and lemons floating in the cold water, m-m-m.

After eating all that (and far too much) out came Linda and Joanna with the dessert cart loaded with macaroons and super chocolate cookies by Linda, and vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream by Thrifty.

It was so nice and relaxing. At the JVIA meeting afterward, we heard about the fire tanker in the Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden (that used to be part of the equipment when Johnson Valley had a Volunteer Fire Department) and the plants and trees also supplied by Jim Weishaar to surround it when the irrigation line goes in.

Court Prittie also told us how Sharon Huffman has repaired and refurbished the small fountain brought to the Garden by Jack Santellanes. She reassembled the broken parts and detailed the little girl figure in bright colors. Court had not even realized the basket the girl carries holds three puppies.  Sharon made them different colors. Always a surprise waiting when you visit this Garden.

All in all, a good evening, food, friends and fun. For two bucks, a true bargain.

• OK, JVIA members: your Journal is on its way to you despite the hitches, glitches and the holiday. I’m sure it sat somewhere while we celebrated the 4th, but it’s outa here. The next issue is scheduled to go out before another holiday, the Labor Day weekend. We hope. Fingers crossed.

• Several years back, JVIA replaced some very heavy restaurant crockery, to the delight of the breakfast servers who had to carry them around. After a lot of shopping, then-treasurer Cathy Janowicz got us a great deal on 100 white Corelle dinner plates, much lighter weight and very tough.

She will be sad to hear that two of the three stacks of those dishes no longer sit in the kitchen cabinet. We have not had a dishwasher for several weeks, making use of paper plates, so we did not realize the loss for a while.


It probably won’t do any good to ask whoever walked off with them to bring them back.


If any of you have any 10″ Corelle dinner plates you can donate, we’ll be happy to take them.

• We were told at the HVCC Meeting that although the August training at the Marine Base that closes the Shared Use Area in Johnson Valley lasts only two weeks, we would hear more noise as the live fire exercises get closer to the community.
Kristina Becker, G-5 External Affairs Director, asked us to call the sound reporting number. Call the G-5 at (760) 830-9222 or send an email to
Please include the time and date of the sound occurrence, where you were when you heard the sound, and the type of sound that you heard (artillery, aircraft, other sound).

Even if it does not bother you much, they are trying to study the effects of wind and weather on sounds that leave the Base.
The large-scale exercises are August 1-30. The Shared Use Area will be closed to the public from August 11-25.

Kristina plans to be at the next HVCC meeting on Monday, July 17, if you have questions about the temporary closure of part of the OHV area or sound reporting. The meeting is at 3:00 p.m. in the Flamingo Heights Community Center, 55977 Perris Rd., two blocks west of La Copine Restaurant on Hwy 247.

• The Johnson Valley Directory has proven to be a handy thing to have. It lists all members of JVIA who signed up before July 10.
Besides that, a map of the community roads fills the center spread, and nearby businesses who support the Journal also place their ads here for handy reference.

Find the non-emergency numbers for County Fire, the Sheriff’s Dispatch, as well as Animal Control, CHP Highway Conditions. Only 3.00 at the Center or at Wheeler’s Ship-It-Shop.

JVIA member: If you wish to appear in the Directory, but you have made changes since you filled out your membership form, please e-mail me ASAP with:
Mailing Address
Phone number(s)
Johnson Valley Address and phone number, if different.

If you are a JVIA member but do NOT want your name in the Directory, respond ASAP.

If you are not a member of JVIA and wish to be listed, or if you know someone whose name you think should be included, fill out the Directory Form attached, or pick one up at the front desk at the Center, or call me at 760-364-2646.

Deadline for adding names or making changes is July 10th. Printing planned by the end of July.


Betty Munson

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