Johnson Valley News 02/22/2019

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• We woke up yesterday morning to more snow than Johnson Valley has seen in years and almost no traffic on the highway.

once we got a share of the precipitation, and surrounding landscapes
got even more. Landers and Yucca Valley still show a LOT of white.

a hard freeze overnight, but in a typical Johnson Valley 30-degree mood
swing, the forecast says a high in the low fifties tomorrow.

few photos are attached, taken early yesterday by Court Prittie, while
clouds still hovered low. Of course, this happens after the Journal went
to the printer, but you’ll see more pictures in the next issue. For
once, I don’t miss printing in color. A lot of photos look like
black-and-white, the only color in the occasional streak of blue sky
through a break in the heavy clouds.

• You do not have to be Irish to wear the green at the Johnson Valley Corned Beef Dinner next Saturday evening, March 2.
Savory corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes, too, make an excellent
feast indeed. Top it off with a special dessert! All this for only 7.00
per person; kids 12 or younger, 4.00. Doors open at 4:30 p.m., dinner at

Stay awhile after for the announcements and updates, and the JVIA General Meeting.

• Last Monday’s meeting of the Homestead Valley Community Council covered a lot of territory, including:

The County Fire Tax
– Cindy Henry supplied updates on the lawsuits by The Red Brennan Group
and Ron Austin, a related annexation lawsuit by San Antonio Heights,
and proposed legislation triggered by the Fire Tax Coalition.

Concerning Policy 4.10
of the County Renewable Energy and Conservation Element of the County
Plan – Supervisor Dawn Rowe had asked the Supervisors bring this to a
vote as soon as possible, whether or not to approve the original
language of Policy 4.10 as recommended by the Planning Commission.
special meeting on this issue alone, scheduled for next week, on
Thursday, February 28, in San Bernardino, will also teleconference in
Hesperia and Joshua Tree. Attorney Steve Mills also attended HVCC last
Monday to promote this grassroots action, to stand up in person and be
counted at the Supervisor’s meeting.

Jim Harvey announced the updates in the Scenic 247 Committee’s website,
including a format that you can see on smartphone, tablet or computer
monitor. New photos of the route will head up the stories and documents.
See the progress on as well as the original presentation to the County, and The Case for Scenic 247.

Billy Mitchell
told us recent heavy rainfall had compromised some of his cattle
fencing. You may spot strays roaming outside their usual range, anywhere
from the vicinity of New Dixie Mine Road on the east, One Hole Spring
on the west. They sometimes wander near Hwy 247.
If you do see strays, please call Billy and Julie Mitchell at 760-954-6259 or 760-475-2045

Supervisor Rowe confirmed she plans to meet again with the HVCC on Monday, April 15, at the Yucca Mesa Community Center.


Larry Cummings sent a message on February 12: “Two gorgeous German
shepherds romping around our place on Ghost Road this am! They are
friendly, hungry and thirsty.”

The news went out to this JV NEWS e-mail list, and to the Facebook page for Pets of the Hammers.

That afternoon, Harvey Helfand called and said he and Marion would be glad to take in the dogs if no one heard from their owner.

picked them up that night. The sisters came in out of the cold, got
named, and got to play in the Helfands’ sizeable fenced yard.

Then Harvey called again on February 17. Someone had told the shepherds’ owner about the notices, and he called to claim them.

   B.I. Buttinellini also lives on Ghost Road, but Pat and Larry Cummings had not heard he acquired the dogs.

the sisters came back home. Harvey and Marion feel sad to lose them,
but greatly enjoyed their stay and now have visiting rights.

members, you’ll see this story when your JV Journal arrives next week
sometime. Oddly enough, this pair of young shepherds seem to do their
exploring in tandem – both Larry and Harvey photographed them in
action,  running shoulder-to-shoulder. 


When you come to the Community Center, ask about Paula Mattecheck’s new
bumper stickers, Created as a fundraiser for Pets of the Hammers. The
bright lime green bumper stickers, “Beautiful JOHNSON VALLEY” go for
1.00 each, six for 5.00.

See Pets of the Hammers on Facebook;
they take action year-round to reunite pets lost or found in Johnson
Valley with their families. Your bumper stickers can help them continue
to succeed.


See the flyer attached for all the info you need. Mark your calendar,
and begin packing the stuff you need to get rid of! Time to clear out
the garage, for sure, Saturday, March 16, 9:00 am.-Noon.

The flyer says “Lucerne Valley Residents,” but we can go, too.

this annual event, the County helps the Lucerne Valley volunteers
accept more than at the usual collections– everything on that list in
the left column.

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