Johnson Valley News 02/08/2019

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Our February Ladies Salad Luncheon always happens in Valentine season,
and Vi Minnix, Kim Abramson and Linda Walsh have dressed up the
Community Center with festive hearts and flowers.

So this
Saturday, February  9, at noon. Bring a salad or dessert to share with
friends and neighbors. Weekenders and newcomers, come meet and greet
your neighbors. Casual dress, lots of good food and fun!

worry if your hairstyle is Johnson Valley Windblown and your clothing
resembles Eskimo Elegant; you’ll be dressed for the occasion.

No charge. If you haven’t got time to fix a dish, just bring yourself!


Over 50 folks arrived for the Saturday Breakfast last weekend, despite
the cold-and-rain forecast. We ended up with bright sunshine until

The Potato Bar did not draw as many as in the past,
but we had a surprisingly good turnout in the late afternoon bitter

Some who made the trip over from Hammertown included
our friends Helen and Harry Baker, who have been regular February
visitors since the days of the Partnership for Johnson Valley and the
Marine Base expansion. Also on the scene, our new Third District
Supervisor Dawn Rowe (who plans to return for the upcoming meeting of
the Homestead Valley Community Council here on Monday, February 18. More
details later).

After enjoying the baked potatoes and Linda
Walsh’s desserts, most people stayed for the after-dinner announcements,
the JVIA meeting, and door prize drawings. But, oh, it was
bone-chilling going outside afterward.


Yesterday morning, snow lay like cotton on the ground after a hard wind
from the south all night. Not enough to stick very long, but it’s
moisture that soaked into the ground. Wildflowers, anyone? Freezing
nights may have slowed them up, but we already have more green than we
have seen in a long time!


As a fundraiser for Pets of the Hammers, Paula Mattecheck has created
vivid lime green bumper stickers, “Beautiful JOHNSON VALLEY” now
available at the Community Center for 1.00 each, six for 5.00.

Pets of the Hammers on Facebook, they take action year-round to reunite
pets lost or found in Johnson Valley with their families. Your bumper
stickers can help them continue to succeed.

A big thank-you
to Dave Cole for donating KOH entry wristbands as a fundraiser for
JVIA. We did not make connections until most everyone had purchased
their entries, but these were snapped up fast.

Local fans like
to go out to Hammertown with their families, and it was nice Dave
thought about us, given he has a gazillion things to occupy his

 This Saturday, the tumult and the shouting dies, the
racers and the Kings depart –­ along with the thousands of racegoers,
the mechanics, welders, pit crews, course marshals, reporters, camera
crews, vendors, and volunteers for all kinds of jobs including the
clean-up – after Saturday morning’s awards ceremony and The KOH
Experience for fans who want to travel the Hammers trails to see what
they are really like.

The 2019 King of the Hammers will close the
record book, and the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle area will open
to the public again.

We have witnessed qualifying races, the UTV
side-by-sides, and the Every Man’s Challenge races. Both events
featured cars driven by well-known racers of Ultra4’s who have entered
tomorrow’s King of the Hammers event. The Big One.

night’s Shootout, featuring Rock Bouncers from Southern states versus
desert racers, saw nine cars climb a sheer cliff in time spans from 19
seconds to just over two minutes, and another 21 cars that slid and dug
in and clung and bounced and rolled, but did not finish.

All this insane action came into our living room via, yet another amazing spectator experience supplied by Hammerking Productions.

the T-1 Truck racers made their first rounds of the Hammers trails
(drivers including ten Baja-winners). The trailing helicopters and
camera crews in the boonies showed them breaking stuff at about the same
rate we always expect from the Hammers. The drivers said it. This race
is different.

Whichever Kings will have taken all the crowns and
big purses on Saturday, we can safely say that with so many former Kings
and so many determined returning racers, as well as veterans of other
grueling off-road events from all over the world, the true winners are
the race fans and off-roading enthusiasts.

This form of racing,
new just a few years back, has spread worldwide. Hammerking Productions’
legendary Ultra4 Racing now runs seven races in the US, (qualifiers for
KOH), four in Europe, one in Australia, and an exhibition in China.

long sandy trails and boulder-filled canyons of Johnson Valley now host
a week of racing by different classes of vehicles, including those
trucks for the first time this year. The resulting outgrowth of
businesses benefits every off-roading family coming out for a weekend of
exploration and camping.  Fabricators, toolmakers, electronics, parts,
tires, batteries and safety innovators – hats off to all.

Tuesday’s hearing in Superior Court, Judge Donald Alvarez signaled he
would likely approve the County’s request to dismiss The Red Brennan
Group’s legal challenge to their expansion of Fire Prevention Zone Five

Chief among the arguments for dismissal of the lawsuit: a
“pay first, litigate later” clause in the California constitution,
prohibiting “any court” from preventing the collection of a tax. “After
payment of a tax claimed to be illegal, an action may be maintained to
recover the tax paid…”

Of course. After you pay that illegal
parcel tax, you can wait around forever before you could see a refund.
Just like we still wait for the State to refund all the money they
collected for the illegal tax on every habitable structure in the
CalFire State Responsibility Areas, a court fight continuing to this day
by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Monkey see, monkey
do. County learns by example, sees they will have the use of our County
Fire parcel tax money until they decide to give it back. Don’t hold your

See the Red Brennan report on the situation, attached.


If you have a story or photos from  JV homesteading days or from this
week at the races, give me a call at the number below before February
9th; leave a message please, if I don’t pick up.

The next issue,
Mar-Apr, must go to the printer shortly in order to arrive in our
members’ mailboxes before the first event of next month, the Saturday,
March 2nd Corned Beef Dinner.

Other things that interest Journal readers:
– Recent weather events: Snow photos? Wind damage?
– Off-highway adventures, landscapes
– Items of historical interest
– Johnson Valley wildlife

Thank you in advance!


JVIA members receive the Johnson Valley Journal 6 times a year and this
JV NEWS e-mail in between Journals; it includes information published
in the weekly community news columns in the Hi-Desert Star. If you
prefer not to receive the JV NEWS e-mails, just reply and say Cancel.
is welcome to every event at the Center! Johnson Valley Improvement
Association members or non-members may join in on scheduled activities
and special events!

Special event: the Homestead Valley Community
Council holds its regular meeting here on Monday, February 18, at 3:00
p.m., and again on the third Mondays in June and October.

Regularly-scheduled events:
Saturday Breakfast, 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
Dinner, every 1st Saturday at 5:00 p.m. followed by the General Meeting

events 1st Saturdays: Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and Oktoberfest, usually
begin in the afternoons, includes a dinner. No General Meetings those

Board Meeting, on Friday following the 1st Saturday, 6:00 p.m.
Card Club on Tuesdays, noon-4:00 p.m.
Hobby Club on Wednesdays 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m, except 4th Wednesday; they come in on Friday, 10:00 a.m.
Quilters every 4th Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Center and the Garden are available for birthday celebrations, family
gatherings, weddings. No rent, JVIA just asks for a donation to cover
overheads, and that you leave it as you found it.

The Paul Van
Hook Desert Dreams Garden, next to the Community Center parking lot, has
enjoyed an abundance of rain. The plants may be drought-tolerant, but
winter rains encourage deep roots.

Make sure kids do not enter
the Garden Railway layout at any time; tracks and model buildings are
not toys! Repairs can be difficult and expensive, and make the crew
members sad.

When winds and rains depart, the trains might run
any Saturday, and maybe at other times, too. Ask when you come to
Saturday Breakfast, 7:00-10:00 a.m. if the trains are running that day.

Johnson Valley Community Center
50567 Quailbush Rd.
Johnson Valley CA 92285

From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Rd,
go 1-3/4 miles up to Quailbush Rd. You see the building on your left at the corner.

Betty Munson

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