Johnson Valley Extra 03/03/2019

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• I’m delighted to hear at least two Journals delivered yesterday, ours and Nancy Sammons.

how did I learn Nancy has hers? She sent an e-mail. “is the newsletter
correct – ham in March and corned beef in April??  thought the other way

She’s right, of course. March = St. Paddy’s Day +
green shamrocks + corned beef dinner. Duh. Since the dawn of time, JVIA
has had a corned beef dinner on the first Saturday in March.

Journal editor is also the proofreader. When a big glaring error
happens, it’s always the dates. No excuse, except possibly writing in
January and February, announcing dates for March and April strains my

So tomorrow evening, MARCH 6, you can look forward to
enjoying truly delicious corned beef and cabbage done right. Shamrock
decorations went up today, thanks to Vi Minnix, Linda Walsh and Kim
Abramson. Michelle Hawthorne is overseeing the cooking, and all will be

Doors open 4:30 p.m. See ya!



• Linda Gommel at the Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware called yesterday afternoon, relaying the word from Bill Lembright that the Board of Supervisors had voted 4-1 to incorporate the original Policy 4.10 in the Renewable Energy Element in the County Plan. This holds utility-scale solar developments away from our desert communities – not that many of us think they benefit the desert, or the planet, when they get put anywhere. At least, this holds off the cumulative uglification somewhat.

Ord Mountain Solar and the other projects that put in
their applications during the months of delay of Policy 4.10 still must
be fought off. Projects targeting State Lands are not affected. But we
may have won some relief from time-wasting scoping meetings, written
comments, research and five-hour public hearings on other projects that
could have threatened us.

They’ll go somewhere else, where there
are no people to complain, as has happened in other counties. At least
we complained early and often, and saved some of the California desert
from the bulldozers.

Bill wrote last night, “We WON our battle to
get Policy 4.10 approved by the County Board of Supervisors, today!
Lovingood, Rowe, Gonzales, and Rutherford voted for us, and Hagman,
against. A summary by the San Bernardino Sun is below.

“Several of us asked God for BIG time help this morning; then, thanked and cheered Him afterward.   Bill”

to Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe for urging this special meeting
and vote before more time passed and even more applications for these
projects came in.

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