Jim Bagley (29 P) and Dawn Rowe (Y.V) seeking appointment to 3rd District County Supervisor

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Both Bagley and Rowe are former councilmembers of Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley, respectively.

They are not alone; there are 48 applications on file of people jockeying for the attention of San Bernardino County Supervisor — who will select one to fill the 3rd District Supervisorial seat of James Ramos.

County Supervisors begin their public selection process on December 11.

Ramos was election as assemblyman in the 4th District.

Dennis Hansberger and Neil Derry, two former San Bernardino County Supervisors, have also filed applications .

Jim Bagley is a local aviator who crashed landed somewhere in or around JTNP piloting a glider.


How would ‘he’ have voted concerning the court contested triple county fires taxes (absence an up or down vote and intentionally failing to send protest ballots with lettors.

Note Sup. James Ramos, a Democrat, casted the deciding vote to ram new taxes down our pie holes without a fair vote.

Ramos by way of his vote cared not so much about agregious violations of the Bill of Rights and the California Constitution.

Again… How would Jim Bagley have voted?

By Branson Hunter



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