It’s official, the expressway to an increase in local property taxes is in motion

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The Morongo Unified School District last night voted to set into motion the first procedural step toward a proposed property tax increase for Morongo Basin property owners and homeowners.

Z107.7 is the first media to report this story. Unfortunately, the station omitted the breakdown of the vote among MUSC Board member, and there was no mention of a majority vote.

Attending the board meeting: Assistant Superintendent Sharon Flores, Assistant Superintendent Amy Woods, Trustee John Cole, Trustee Karalee Hargrove, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Deborah Turner, President Chris Proudfoot, Trustee Hillary Slotta, Trustee Kerri Condley, Assistant Superintendent Mike Ghelber, and District Executive Secretary Linda Hamilton.

Wow! Four assistant superintendents while there is a need for more qualified teachers?

The lack of “qualified teacher” is one of the salient advertising points property owners will be reading all about.

And Tribal Casino money will ostensibly pay for the promotion the the bond measure.

It’s official that the Twentynine Palms Band of Mission Indians Tribal Government will donate $100,000 to MUSC to advertising the proposed property tax bond.

Reporter Andrew Dieleman reported, “The board will not meet again until the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year on August 13.” Adding, “The board held a work study session outlining the schedule of events needed to place a new district general obligation bond on the ballot for the 2020 primary election.” 

Morongo Basin homeowners and property owners haven’t paid off the last bond measure. 

A double MUSD property tax will find that many good people will be having sorry looking dinner to eat, such canned corn, fruit in a tin can, starchy potatoes flakes from China, and a dollar loaf of white bread.

Is there a conscionable issue here of stacking multiple bond debt upon a critically depressed Morongo Basin community?

The passage of Senate Bill 268  will allow local officials to withhold the required information about the proposed new tax from the ballot summary that voters read before casting their votes.

California school district are pushing extremely hard for SB 269 because it will dumb down way voter get information.

Studies are spot on that new school bond tax will bump rentals.

The bright side to a likely tax increase measure is that — unlike tax happy County Fire —  it’s ultimately is up to local property owners to decide by way of a legitimate ballot vote that comports to the California Voting Right Act.

The downside for many property owners is that California school district already have their talking points to influence the way voters think, and the MUSD has Casino money to hire experts to promote it.   

Branson Hunter


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  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter June 26, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    Isn’t John Cole the guy who voted for the 29 Palms municipal bond debt for the Project Phoenix’s slush fund. That venture costed 29 taxpayers 30 years of debt with zero to show for it. Yes former councilmember Cole voted for that. And he Mr. Cole surely voted to foist another school tax bond debt stacked on the existing school bond property tax debt.

    WOW four Assistant Superintendents. That’s like having four generals for one battalion of troops.


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