Is it time for Twentyine Palms to invest and focus more on its blighted neighborhoods?

Over years of neglect, the best solution for Twentynine Palms neglected neighborhoods to get the attention of the city council is with the good faith drawing-up of neighborhood-district voting. West of Donnell Hill desperately needs a councilmember who will specifically speaks to the blight and largely forsaken neighborhood.

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It is time to bring improved and updated infrastructure (streets, roads, flooding and beautification upgrades) to the most needy of neighborhoods . It’s time to step up to better standards for the community.

Over many years, the unsightly neglect on the westside of Donnell Hill is a wake-up call for more tender loving infrastructure and beautification.

This is the first introduction to the city and its communities for tourism and motorists traveling from the Coachvella Valley, Southern California’s ten counties, and from afar.

Why isn’t the city seriously converging upon neighborhood concerns, rather than a primary focus to spend more effort and more public funding for tourism, art, and the lack thereof commerce.

We have all heard the rhetoric discourse the last ten years from the council about the Phoenix project, the new ‘downtown renewal’ project, art and insiders concerns, but very little discussion concerning the waxing problems of dilapidated and blighted Twentynine Palms neighbors , or the people and small business owners in neighborhoods.

After nearly 10 years of work, the City’s Project Phoenix bombed and left property owners with a hefty $33.5 million debt. The city is very hush-hush about why the project was recently scrubbed, however, the city disclosed the Phoenix project wasn’t up to code (or something?…).

While the city is now working on what it feels is an alluring coined “Downtown Renewal” project, nothing much has been accomplished. While the city is scampering to fund the enormously costly renewal efforts — it is going to take more, and more public funds from rundown neighborhoods and residents that live there.

The yearly budgets desperately needs to focus on the long journey of bringing improvements to neighborhoods, and more focus on the people who live and invest in neighborhoods.

The preoccupation with art, tourism, and commerce is productive, but when it comes at the expense of serving the people who live here and their neighborhoods — the city and the community in the long hall will not benefit.

The approach to the city from the west (of Donnell Hill) continues to be neglected and the area has likely been redlining for decades.

It is time to give ‘real’ gateway’ to the city better infrastructure, sidewalks (to connect a safe east-west passage for mothers, children, the elderly, bicyclist, wheelchair residents —  a bikeway/walkway path to protect residents; connect the city and encourage residents to use the downtown walk and pathways.

As is, the city is disconnected and unsafe to traverse.

A better balance in the way the city spends public funds is the only pathway to thriving neighborhoods and, thus, a proud city to welcome tourists and travelers.

Yes, neighborhoods and the people who live in them have been largely forgotten. Neighborhoods are the least of priorities, while the council gives fealty to other lesser projects of little benefit to at-large residents.

Are  the first-timer, newly appointed ceremonial city mayor and mayor pro tem up to necessary challenges in the public interest?


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