If you see something, say something…

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Help protect your pets, children and yourself and others. If you see the snakes are out, report it. Get the word out.

I walk my dog every morning in remote areas of BLM land. I haven’t seen any vipers out — yet.  I check social media, local newspapers, local radio news and read local blogs for reports of the first sighting of snakes.

Since we are experiencing warm desert weather, coupled with spring approaching in a few days, the time is ripe for those poisonous vipers to come out of hibernation.

They are hungry and very active when they awake from their long slumber.

Those snakes don’t like unwitting pets or humans anywhere near striking distance (18 inches).  They will strike. We all know that. And their venomous sacks are full when they come to life.

When I walk my dog  during fall, winter and early spring, I let her off the lease so she can just be a dog to do what dogs like to do: Snoop and poop, sniff and explore without us humans controlling their every move.

The first sighting of snakes in our area, we need to be aware and protect our pets.

So if you see something, say something.



   Former Marine veteran and retired Teamster Business Agent,
Carlos Valdez, dog-walking in Desert Heights during snake

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