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This morning’s little shaker reminds me to prepare for the big one.

To tell you the truth my wife and I are in better shape than most I think. Being baptized members of the LDS church we are directed to store food and collect water. We are never as prepared in that department as we should be, but we could survive a couple of weeks. Put that on the check list.

In addition I hear you can get used to dog and cat food. Kibbles could pose a problem for my dentures……. I would never eat one of my own dogs they are like family. I am however looking more to my neighbors dog… That little yapper on the BBQ spit doesn’t bother me a it.

It seems that this is the season for the big bump. You know the Big One… Or at least all the global alarmist are shouting. Still trying to grasp how man is the fault of earthquakes. Maybe cities are like acupuncture needles on the earth Someone pull the Los Angeles Needle out quick!

Have to start the standby generator today…. Got to make sure it works after a summer of rats. Where the hell did all those rats come from? I feel like we are in Hamelin. Anyone know a piper?

Back to the generator. I have an 8KW that runs the house and the well. My problem as usual is having enough fuel for any length of time. Put that on the check list too. Get more Propane.

Have been building my bug out kit for Ham Radio. Have my 2 M mobile and handheld Radio ready to go…. Built a longwire antenna set up for 20 and 40 Meters. While you all are trying to get your cell phone to work…. I will be talking to the world… Well sort of… Kinda… Well I know I will be talking to a couple of old fellows in Spokane… Their cell phones work. I hope.

Well thanks for listening… Lets all hold on for the big one together. Dogs acting weird…. Never mind… I dropped one of my pills… Slow down Sammy!

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