I pledge the first $100.00 toward legal fees to fight LAFCO’s communist-like voting anomalies

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election fraud

UPDATED 10-8-18 @10:19 AM

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Benjamin Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation a lady asked Dr. Franklin —  “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”  Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

The LAFCO voting scheme throughout (tripple county fire property tax assessments) is a complete lack integrity.

These unconscionable brutal taxes are not the only public disgrace LAFCO has foisted upon homeowners, LAFCO’s voting blueprint is intended to generate money from taxpayers whenever.

Our local democratic-REPUBLIC is being encroached upon. It is under siege by County Fire and LAFCO of San Bernardino County. They got you nailed with its internal corruption in terms of a pretend vote.

The fraudulent voting scheme laid down by LAFCO is taxation without the most basic fundamental constitutional safeguards.

Moreover,  voters can follow the advice of Alexander Hamilton, who in Federalist 21 wrote, “The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.” When the people’s will is thwarted, regular elections give them the opportunity to dismiss their representatives and appoint new ones.

Who is representing you on the local level? What officials have to courage to speak out and address LAFCO and the county? This fraudulent voting scheme is an egregious affront on taxpayers rights. Rights that our service men and women gave their lives and limbs to protect.

At Issue is LAFCO’s communist-like fraudulent voting scheme, to which is null and void of any resemblance of the United State Constitution, California Constitution or the Code of Federal Regulations which demands due process at every level of state government at the local level.

Homeowners may have some measures of relief from these awful taxes, as follows:

SB County Homeowners’ Exemption
Property owners may file an application for a Homeowners’ Exemption on a residence that is both owned and occupied as their principal place of residence on January 1: The exemption reduces the assessed value by $7,000 therefore, reducing the property tax bill. This is a savings of approximately $70.00 per year or more. Applications must be filed by February 15 following the change of ownership. If not filed timely, 80% of the full exemption is available if filed between February 16 and 5 pm on December 10.

California homestead exemption
If you are single, you have homestead protection up to $75,000 of equity. A head of household receives a $100,000 equity exemption. If you are over 65, physically disabled or have less than $15,000 annual income, your equity is protected up to $175,000.Jun 19, 2017

Another exemption is to defer property taxes if you qualify until after death. This is essentially a lien on your property. Contact the county assessor for more information.

Simple revocable transfer on Death (TOD) Deed: This immediately transfer your property to your named beneficiary, avoiding probate court.  This one page TOD Form is available at the local County Assessor office, or at some stationery stores.

San Bernardino County fire tax assessment is slam-dunk

Fact: LAFCO voting procedure are rigged and founded in deceit, trickery and deception. LAFCO’s voting process is so convoluted it makes a mockery of town, city and county officials that sit on their hands and “say nothing, do nothing.”

Be sure, all towns, cities, county and agencies thereto are required to provide due process at every level of government.

LAFCO’s Executive Officer, Samuel Martinez, thumbs his nose at taxpayers. He’s okay with LAFCO’s communist vote. The local newspaper reported, LAFCO’s new director said he will not move; he shall not change anything. Is he sounding like a Moscow communist party insider?

The county’s fraudulent property tax assessment will pass. It is a clearly and factually a ‘fixes’ vote to always raise property taxes absent a fair voting process.

It appears the only hope is a court action in Superior Court seeking declarative remedies, or other court actions

All it takes is people to donate toward a small amount toward legal fees.

Can we retain our sovereign voting rights under the state and federal constitutions to have “an up or down” fair election from LAFCO which incorporates fundamental due process rights concerning voting anomalies?

We in the TPWD were hoodwinked  years ago by LAFCO when it forced this communist-like voting scheme down our throats. We have been paying triple assessments for years. All we have seen is cuts, downgrading and closures of two fire stations. This has left our area vulnerable.

The Morongo school tax will amount to an added property tax assessment of over $50 plus per $100 k of home value. This is in addition to the sure-to-pass triple county fire property tax assessments.

Twentynine Palms Poverty Rate: 21.6 %
Yucca Valley Poverty Rate: 22%
SB County Poverty Rate 17.7%

29 Palms Median Property Value: $118,400
YV Median Property Value: $151,300
SB County Median Property Value: $302,600

29 Palms Medium Household Income: $40,888
YV Medium Household Income: $41,569
County Medium Household Income: $56,337

Are we prepared for the wrath of new taxes heading our way?  Here are some statistics… (does not include unincorporated area)

They will be a heavy burden on many residents and property and homeowners in San Bernardino County. Rents will increase, some homeowners will go into foreclosure. In Twentynine, 71.75%  of Housing Units are Occupied By Renters.

US CENSUS 2018: Twentynine Palms Fair Market Rents

Studio One BR Two BR Three BR Four BR
$826 $986 $1,232 $1,717 $2,132

32% of the seniors in Yucca Valley are veterans Source: ACS.  

The average Social Security Income in Yucca Valley is $15,903/year Source: ACS

14% of Yucca Valley, CA residents 60 and over received food stamps in the last year Source: ACS

30% of those seniors living in Yucca Valley, CA are living alone Source:

18% of the population of Yucca Valley, CA are seniors Source:

Twentynine Palms Individuals living below the poverty level 21.6%.

– End-

By branson hunter
State Laws Governing the Local Agency Formation Commission





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    Wendy Sue Mesny October 8, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    I think they also govern all boundries of water agencies and have left many out of boundries based on an old vote from back in 1947. They refuse to allow for a re-vote allowing many to be included in some water company’s boundries, stating “Oh well.” This leaves many without water rights or being allowed to have water hauled to their homes. This problem has been in effect since 1947 and is now being practiced by the water companies since there is a “fight”, or water adjudication in our area of L.A. County. If all of California is to be included in an adjudication, this issue will be state wide soon. In other words, they do not care about the people, and our homes and/or bare lands are worthless without water. We ourselves, will be looking into contacting the Assessor’s Office /online to see about loweing property values since land cannot be developed or no water for us. No water, no life.
    Wendy sue Mesny
    Owner of Wendy’s Water Truck Co.LLC
    Delivering potable drinking water to homes, water for construction, etc.
    Owner of poperties and residing in Pearblossom, CA for over 25 yrs.


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