Holding on to at-large districts in Yucca Valley is imaginary

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We will be a better America when Yucca Valley voluntarily conforms to the California Voting Rights Act and begins the conversion that will give everyone a chance to fully participate in the freedoms we love.

Attorney Kevin Shenkman with the law firm of Shenkman & Hughes earned $15 million in fees from lawsuits suing public entities who were in violation of the California Voting Rights Act.

Shenkman alleges that the alarming absence of Latino candidates seeking election to the town council reveals vote dilution. Vote dilution is not in accord with the CVRA; it simply doesn’t conform to the present day Fifteenth Amendment.

According to media reports, every public agency defendant in the history of the CVRA that has challenged the conversion to district elections has either lost in court or settled/agreed to implement district elections.

All have been forced to pay some or all of the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs. Pomona was the last defendants that challenged the law suit.

That regretful decision cost Pomona mega-millions in court costs and legal fee.

The Illusion of Control the town is projecting in terms of holding on to at-large districts is as imaginary as enforcing a town ordnance preventing Latinos from running from office.

The town council ought to accept the obvious. It has no control. We know that the Act is vigorously enforced. Move on with town business.

Give staff the task of opening the door to change.

Opinions by Branson Hunter



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