Ham Radio… Another form of Communications.

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So you might have wondered why I’ve been so quiet on the blog. I dove into the Ham Radio Pool and have not come up yet. I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 2015. Why did I waited so long? Who nows.

I started off with a hand-held Baofeng UV‑5R Dual Band Two Way Radio. It allows me to access the Morongo Basin Amateur Radio Club’s local repeaters. This allows me to reach all over the Morongo Basin. I still use the hand-held at home but have a little Chi-Com mobile in the pickup.

For me, local gets old quick… Folks are nice and all, but you can only talk about the weather so much.

I took the plunge recently, and jumped up on eBay, bought a well used but solid Kenwood 140s HF Transceiver (Radio). My wife and I Installed a all band Doublet antenna (a Fancy name for a dipole wire antenna). Ebay’ed a few other parts and Bang, I’m talking to the world. Well at least Northern Nevada.

I can operate on the 160 to 10 Meter bands on the old rig. So far she has not let me down. I’m not sure if she can go the full 100 watts as advertised, but like I said, she (the radio) gets out a thousand or so miles. So I’m happy.

When schnitz hits the fan, we’ll be able to at least reach out of this basin for FEMA or the Salvation Army. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it.

Bringing back my Youth.

Breaker, Breaker, Good Buddy, You got a copy on the “Tapeman?”

Back in the late ‘60s early ‘70s It was all about CB Radio and boy was I deep into it. From “Breaks” to REACT to “T” hunts it was a huge social phenomenon.

Hundreds of people would come together at these local events called “Breaks”. Where clubs would have raffles and give aways. After the meetings we would all go play hide and seek in a game called, Find the Hidden “T”….. I am telling you it was as big as the Internet.

Better than Facebook. More instant than even Instagram… You got up on your CB and spoke to the world… Well a 30 mile radius of you anyways. On a good day when the Sun Spots were active you could talk skip right across the country. Times now gone.

The Amateur Bands

Amateur Radio is a bit more civil. A bit more structured. A bit more grown up. But the principles are the same. Its a way for folks around the world to have contact and dialog.

Amateur Radio on the higher bands has its own special language almost. Oh they still speak English, Spanish, French or Japanese but they have codes… You got to learn’em to know what they are talking about. They don’t talk… they have a QSL. Go figure.

It’s going to take me he rest of my time on earth to get this Amateur Radio stuff down pat, but now that I am retired I got plenty of time.

Why someday someone might say… you know that old guy down the road really knows his stuff. I know I’ll come up for air eventually.

Until then, 73 (Best Regards) to you.

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