FP-5 Fire District Expansion – We Need YOUR Help!

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Please call the County Supervisors (909) 387-4866 (receptionist will share your message with all of them if you ask her to) and ask them to “GRANT AN EXTENSION” on the proposal on the basis the fire tax notifications were mishandled and the protest form was made available online versus being mailed. Let them know that not every parcel owner was made aware of the proposal and/or they do not have the ability to obtain and file the protest form.

Please make this call today and share this info with others in the affected areas and ask them to make calls too! Thank you!

Judith Lynn Laffoon, 10-11-28


You can download the protest form here:…/ServiceZoneFP-5Expansion_ProtestF…

Here is an article about the expansion. You can also google FP5 expansion or go to…/san-bernardino-county-fir…/…

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