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La Quinta, CA– There is a Cliché, “Follow the Money”, and this applies especially to political candidate’s, especially for local elections.   If you are running a bare bones campaign and not taking money from special interests, that’s where you, the general public, come in.  If you live in La Quinta, or just believe in a political process that has integrity, these candidates need your help.
I am supporting two candidates for the up coming election in La Quinta., Joseph Johnson  for City Council and Paula Maietta for Mayor.  Both are against the 1% Sales Tax, Measure G on the ballot, and want to reduce spending at City Hall. You can help by donating only $17.50 for a full page ad in the Desert Sun’s Neighborhood section that reaches over 10,000 homes.
Please direct your contribution to either candidate’s website.


Guys, don’t forget one of our own Robert Sylk for DSUSD Governing School Board.
In a message dated 9/24/2016 9:43:05 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
  • For those who are already generous financial supporters of Paula’s campaign, or Joe’s, they, and all their supporters thank you.   Unfortunately, the cost of campaigning is more than anticipated, especially when they have to battle against special influence.  So if you have some extra pocket change, every little bit counts.  (I rounded up all my change from drawers and old purses…and down in the couch, lol, and took it down to Coinstar at WalMart and had $38 more to contribute.  Now that is the definition of a bare bones campaign.)  Let’s give a big round of applause to Paula and Joe who are willing to take on this extraordinary task to make La Quinta a better place to live and to make City Hall a place of honesty and transparency, which operates for the benefit of all its residents and not an exclusive club for special interests and other insiders.
  • Evans has sold her soul to the special interests who are paying for billboards and the like.  We hope that voters are sick of the same old politics and same old political insider dealings and that the voters will support Paula for Mayor and Joe Johnson for City Council.  Paula has a successful business background and real world experience, and is not beholden to anybody.  She is a new face with new ideas, which is exactly what our City needs.  Joe is quite a guy, in my opinion, with a strong background in government and investigations and will get to work immediately cleaning up City Hall.
  • Thanks for your support.  It will do us all a world of good to give a few bucks to get Paula and Joe elected so we can all proudly say that we have not participated in the corrupt process of electing candidates like Linda Evans and Kristy Franklin, incumbents whose integrity can be so easily bought and sold for the cost of a billboard.


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