Explosion in Numbers of Women Candidates creates dilemma for all-male 29 Palms incumbents

All three councilmen incumbents seeking reelection are a package of the same apples; three women candidates are presenting themselves as your councilmember.

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The numbers of women running for office, from Twentynine Palms to power seats in Washington,  have literally exploded.

The best example of that is here in Twentynine Palms. Three intelligent, qualified and packageexperienced women are seeking to replace a “packaged team” of three local male politicians.

If three incumbent councilmen are reelected to the coveted seats of leaderships, the total aggregated years at the seat of local power is a whopping 32-years!

Term limits anyone?  It has been the same male dominated faces on the council for years.

I submit to you as a reputable fact that the three incumbent councilmen seeking reelection are a ‘packaged deals.‘  Read the comments of incumbent Dan Mintz. All three have expressed little if no concern for neighborhood blight. All have slighted neighborhood cohesiveness.

I sat in the front rows during the recent 29 Palms Council Forum. Incumbent MacAuthur Wright answers were a mere ‘packed deal’. What is missing is the “I” in all their statements.

What is missing is a down to earth passion from the two council guys seeking a total of 24 years on the council. They are immovable on ‘costly failed projects’.

Both Dan Mintz and John Cole seriously are out-of-touch with the pubic and very much in touch with friends and cronies.

Two of the councilmen running for reelection prevented then Councilmember Heisner from her rightful succession to honorary mayor pro temp and Mayor of Twentynine Palms.  Why was that?  Because Heiser is a woman?

The three Twentynine Palms women running for councilmember are joined by hundreds of other women across the nation, with the number seeking elective office rising at every level, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers.

The Hill: “The fact that there [are] now 11 women who are running for governor this fall, that they’re going to be on ballots, that’s unprecedented.” The number of female governor and House candidates has broken records this year, with 185 women seeking House seats in November.

FACT: The city has been crawling two steps forward and crawling two steps backwards.

EXAMPLE: The failed Phoenix project and the tons of money that made its way into the pockets of attorneys, consultants, firms, accountants, and others has resulted with what results?

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Nothing built and the same process described immediately above begins all over.

All three councilmen incumbents seeking reelection are a package of the same apples.

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