Ethics questioned in half million plus to expand Theatre 29

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By 29 Vigilence  

TWENTYNINE PALMS – Talk about a pipe dream or as I think, it is bait and switch.

I am hearing that the half a million estimate is so low it is laughable and just the outdoor concert place lighting would cost almost half the total estimated cost if not more, plus the giant “facade” screen to hide the real building is unrealistic and ungodly expensive when built to code for wind and such. So why are they hiding the building??

And they did not include all the renovation cost for the existing area that is getting updated or changed, and the new seats, and new HVAC [Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] that would be required, and the new fire sprinkler system, and the solar, and the exposed trusses with vents and ducting moved, and probably a lot more.

So what city staff is in the Theatre 29 pocket to give such a ludicrous estimate that should be honestly in the millions? Or did someone from the Theatre 29 board write the wording for the staff?

By 29Vigilence , commenting on a story in the Desert Trail: Theatre 29 gets the go ahead to grow with city money.

Endnote updated by Branson Hunter

Is there a conundrum of sorts with the 30-year history among old guard council members and Theatre 29 President, who is also owner/news director/talk show host for  Z107.7.  The city recently spend $8.5 thousand in terms of a 1/3 payment for the theater’s new electronic sign; meantime, the city desperately needs an electronic sign in the downtown area for acts of nature, traffic emergencies (e.g., I-10 was closed and all traffic diverted through 29 Palms) and all important notices to traffic and JTNP visitors. Instead, the council put the sign out there in the outback for theater friends. Such friends include the Editor of the Desert Trail, also a local playwright, actor and board member of Theatre 29. These are good people… who are relentlessly getting special treatment and taxpayers’ money. Honestly, the city needs to focus on residents, neighborhoods and city-wide neglected infrastructure. An outside and independent government-headed forensic accounting would be a plus for local taxpayers and property owners because the city continues to engage in wasteful spending. Untold funds have been (and continuing) wasted on consultants, administration and costs, and self-serving attorneys: the Project Phoenix plan was rejected — after years of wasteful spending — because it was non-conforming to codes. Then and now the council has to begin anew on downtown renewal/Project Phoenix projects with no money to make it happen. That means  paying the same attorneys and consultants and staff and administrative costs.  It in indeed time for neighborhood/district elections. It’s also ripe for an independent government accounting of taxpayers’ funds going  back ten years in order to the bottom of this unbelievably inept, ill-conceived, and jinxed phoenix project fiasco. Nary once have the council discussed mistakes of the past, nor have they accepted responsibility and moved on. They’re mired in mistakes of the past without the ability to intelligently change course.   



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One Response to Ethics questioned in half million plus to expand Theatre 29

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter January 26, 2018 at 5:36 am

    There is more to the city than tourism. We have to pay attention to all the people that live here. Residents are struggling. We have to pay attention to the fact that 29 is a severely depressed community and its infrastructure is depressed.

    Example, there is no safe passageway to connect the west end of town to the downtown east side (which is separated by Donnell Hill). Walkers, bicyclists, motor wheelchairs, baby strollers, skateboards, etc. cannot reach one area from another along SR 62. Where are the elected officials? Newer councilmen have largely adopted the establishment’s power and policies.

    Everything is impermanent. Everything. One day enough good people on the city council will focus on the people that live here and their health and safety.


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