Better Late than never…… JV News Fri, May 17, 2019

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Editors Note: Once again I am late posting Betty’s newsletter….. This time I have an excuse…… Recovery from surgery.

• Lake Larrea – not on any map, a dry lake only Johnson Valley residents know by name. It floods during any rainfall. It qualifies as a hazard in anyone’s book, except the California Department of Transportation.

2006, Matich Corporation built two miles of excellent roadbed in the
former bumpy, rocky Larrea Road. The resulting paved shoot-the-chute
carries water and sand down from the foothills until it fills the
southbound half of Hwy 247 over its crown.

Locals know the JV
straightaway stretch of 247, coming as it does after driving miles of
curves, dips and no-passing zones, invites non-locals to pass while they
can see ahead (they ignore the world’s shortest no-passing striping.)

makes trouble on a dry day. Caltrans planned a turnoff here that never
happened. Neither has drainage to carry Larrea floodwater out into the
desert on the other side.

Recent rains refilled Lake Larrea. A
neighbor waiting to turn onto 247, watched a truck pull out to pass a
car and nearly lose control as he hit the “watersplash.”

Fast-moving drivers have spun out as they plow into the hidden sandbar.

deaths or injuries here yet, as far as we know. Caltrans eventually
brings out the sawhorses with “Flooded” signs. An earthmover later
shoves messy piles of wet sand to the edge. The web of cracks in the
asphalt gets filled sooner or later.

The next time it rains, let’s all fill out Maintenance Reports at
Click “Report It” then
Submit Customer Service Request.
Type: “Roadway Flooding, Damage, Erosion.” 
Map: “State 247 at Larrea Rd.”
Geographic Location: “Between mileposts 20-21 in Johnson Valley.”

Yesterday, Kim Abramson sent a photo of vehicles after a horrendous
head-on crash near the Ship-It-Shop, another area on 247 about which
Caltrans has received complaints. Rain or shine, night or day, this is a
zone where oncoming traffic is hard to see, and slow-going trucks
headed up grade cause reckless passing. Stay alert!

Saturday. June 1st,
you are invited to enjoy a great Spaghetti Dinner at the Community
Center! Once again, the sauce will be brought to us from Vince’s
Spaghetti House in Ontario, yum. Also on the menu, green salad, garlic
bread, and dessert treats.
Only 7.00 per person; kids 12 and younger, 4.00.

Saturday, July 6th: the Johnson Valley 2-Buck Chuckwagon arrives for dinner! Only 2.00 per person; kids 12 and younger, 1.00.

Saturday, August 3rd: is a Fried Chicken Feast! Only 7.00 per person; kids 12 and younger, 4.00.

all three events, Doors open 4:30 p.m., dinner is at 5:00. You are
invited to stay after dinner for door prizes, announcements, and the
General Meeting.

More details to follow; stay tuned.

 • Do you think a new city should be built right on the southern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park?

The Mojave Desert Land Trust has the whole sorry story and maps at Click on Action Alert!

you made a reservation to come to the NEPA Workshop in Yucca Valley
tomorrow, you can use your new skills and cut your teeth on this, making
comments for an Environmental Impact Report on this project.)

Today, Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, is the Clean Sweep Sale at the Morongo Basin Historical Society from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

still have time to find treasures in this collection of donated items –
high winds today may reduce turnout at the MBHS Museum and Research
Center at 632 Landers Lane. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody some good
– maybe you can beat the other bargain-shoppers there.

From Hwy
247, turn on Reche Road in Landers, go 3 miles and turn onto Landers
Lane next to the modern Post Office. The Center is .3 mile from the
corner on your right.


Residents and property owners in Flamingo Heights, Landers, Johnson
Valley, and Yucca Mesa are always invited to the monthly meetings of the
Homestead Valley Community Council. Folks from other unincorporated
rural communities have been participating, too! We all have a lot in
common as urban policy-makers impose impossible regulations and
punishing taxes.

The next HVCC meeting is this Monday, May 20. Guest Comments are first on the agenda, and you are invited to bring up any issue for County, State or Federal officials.

updates on the Scenic 247 campaign and the County Fire Tax, and the
plans for the big HVCC Summer Solstice Day event, Saturday, June 22.

Council members also report on the special events going on in their
communities. We are close enough to each other to go to these

Your comments are welcome!

from the Sheriffs, County Fire and Calfire are always invited to come if
they can. Always on the agenda – the Field Reps from our State Senator
Shannon Grove and County Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe.
All are happy to listen to your comments and answer your questions.

meeting this Monday will be in Landers Belfield Hall at 3:00 p.m. From
Hwy 247, turn onto Reche Rd, go 3.2 miles. After you pass the Post
Office, look for Belfield Hall ahead on your left.

See you there!

• The
last species of annual ground-level wildflowers have come out in
greater numbers than before, but their small pale lavender flowers could
never be called a superbloom. These little beauties are worth a closeup
view, however. This spring you won’t have to bend over so far; they
stand taller than expected.

Speaking of tall, the white Prickly Poppy has shown up along many roadsides, including Larrea.

check out the desert senna, yellow-blooming bushes that are huge this
year. Ordinarily, you only see them in the washes, but now they are

The creosote bushes still hold their yellow flowers, too, and keep the desert landscape views green. Amazing.
you are not a JVIA member yet, you may join anytime, only 15.00 per
person for the rest of 2019. Application forms are on the lobby desk at
the Center.

Members of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association
receive the Johnson Valley Journal six times a year. It contains news,
Association events, photos of wildlife, OHV happenings, history, and
advertisements for businesses willing and able to serve us out here and
on the highway.

This JV NEWS e-mail keeps you up to date between
Journals, including stories and information published in the weekly
community news columns in the Hi-Desert Star.

If you prefer not to receive these e-mails, reply and say Cancel.

by the Community Center between 7:00-10:00 a.m. for a great breakfast
with a never-empty coffee cup. Large breakfast, only 6.00! Small
breakfast, 4.00.

 Off-roaders welcome! While you are here, ask
for a Sidekick Offroad Map of the Johnson Valley OHV Area. The folding
paper map is 3.00. The silkscreened Bandanna Map is 8.00. Don’t leave
home without it!
(Plus, they make great gifts for friends!)

Navigating by GPS? – find your way to the Community Center:
34.3424938     -116.56066880000003.

best way to the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area using community
roads: go straight down to Hwy 247 on the road nearest you. You can
cross directly over the highway legally to the dirt trail running along
the north side of Hwy 247. (Please stay on the dirt shoulders if you
travel on the paved Larrea Road while in or on a green-sticker vehicle.)

please. Remember, any vehicle, street-legal or not, going over 25mph
damages dirt roads. Delivery vehicles and the trash truck do the worst,
but OHVs get the blame. Noise can carry, and dust can drift a long way.
Let’s not annoy the folks who live here.

you have an excellent high-resolution shot of your group or family
trail-riding in the Johnson Valley OHV Area, please e-mail it to me.
We’re looking for one that typifies the recreational opportunities in
that fantastic landscape to add to the slide show for the Johnson Valley
page, on the new website for the Homestead Valley Community Council.

Both JVIA members and non-members are welcome to scheduled activities and special events!

Regularly-scheduled events:
-Saturday Breakfast: 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
-Dinner: every 1st Saturday at 5:00 p.m. followed by the General Meeting (except May and October)

-JVIA Board Meeting: Friday following the 1st Saturday, 6:00 p.m.
-Card Club: Pinochle on Tuesdays, noon-4:00 p.m.
-Quilters: on the 4th Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
-Hobby Club: on Wednesdays and the 4th Friday 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Special events:
Homestead Valley Community Council holds regular meetings here three
times a year on the third Monday, at 3:00 p.m. The next will be in June
and October.

-JVIA Fundraising events this year: we just had our
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta on May 4. Oktoberfest also comes up on a Saturday
afternoon, October 12, with lots of craft beers and cider, and a great
German buffet. No General Meetings those months.

Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden, well-established on the land next
to the Community Center parking area, has many drought-resistant shrubs
and trees. The extra rainfall this winter and spring have given them all
a growth spurt, and warm-weather blooms have begun.

donations of vintage artifacts, and new growth of the garden railway,
have also given a new look to the Garden, which you can visit any time.
Plus, Ed Warren’s one-man airplane flies again, in its rebirth as a wind
vane in the Garden.

Ask the cashier at Saturday Breakfast if the
model trains will run – though not tomorrow as the train crew cooks on
the third Saturdays!

-Think about using the Center and the Garden
for birthday or anniversary celebrations, parties, family gatherings,
or weddings. JVIA asks for a donation to cover overheads and that you
leave the place as you found it. Check with me for available dates.

Johnson Valley Community Center
50567 Quailbush Rd.
Johnson Valley CA 92285

From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Rd,
go 1-3/4 miles up to the corner of Quailbush Rd.
You see the Community Center on your left.
(Scroll to the bottom of the website page, click on the JOHNSON VALLEY WILDFLOWERS button)

Betty Munson

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