Downtown Project Phoenix revitalization plan found unworkable!

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The Desert Trail story titled “City will tear down, rebuild downtown specific plan” is informative and well done. Thank you. Conversely, the local radio station brushed over this tremendous story of public interest.

This is a massive story and the clean-up will take years!

Millions of public funds have been negligently and fraudulently squandered by the council, and its city contract attorney, A. Patrick Muñoz, is responsible in one way or another for this incredibly botched situation.

The Project Phoenix (“PP”) plan along 62 was never reviewed by Caltrans. Why? Taxpayers paid vast sums of money for a viable plan.

There are discrepancies in the entire plan. Money that went elsewhere for less important projects ought to have fixes discrepancies along downtown 62.

Looks like the entire downtown “PP” has to be dumped and started all over again. Why hasn’t the council over the years known the plan was unacceptable?

Taxpayers spend literally all told over $33 millions on the “PP” bond debt for downtown so-called revitalization, millions on administrative costs, planning and legal costs to create the now defunct plan.

The council has been chasing butterflies and throwing money around like it was News Year’s confetti, all the while “PP” was unworkable and not doable.

After all these years dealing with the city bond and “PP” matters, Muñoz, and his law firm Rutan & Tucker collected over a million in attorney fees regarding the bond debt and “PP”. Look at this self-serving mess they help create.

This Shyster has done much harm to taxpayers. He needs to be terminated.

The underground parking project will not happen.

To that, Councilmember Dan  Mintz responded: “That was definitely written by an out of towner, It definitely needs to be addressed.” Wow. MINTZ is part of the problem all these years and is incapable of accepting responsibility for squandering taxpayers money in the tens of millions of dollars and for his hands-on incompetences.

The three senior council people are impervious to accepting responsible, they have taken to blaming others and have incompetence written all over their faces.

Is there going to be a problem with the provisions, terms and conditions of the bond? Maybe? [Better Call Saul.]

The bond money is for specific projects and that is locked in. This entire ordeal with the council smells to high heaven. In a telephone conversation with a well-informed individual, it was suggested there may be facts sufficient for a complaint filed with the SEC.

All of which point to the inescapable conclusion that the most senior three councilmen, just don’t know what they are doing.

For years RSG Matt McCleary was the city’s golden boy. McCleary was a consultant and Community Development for the city. “PP” is his work product. What a disaster he helped create!

Over years, his fees and salary are in the hundreds of thousand of dollars.

What we have here is a pattern and practice of fraud, incompetence, and negligence.

The three most senior council people need to forthwith resign.

Endnote: This is an on-going story that just will not go away. Cactus Thorns contributors have posted and written hundreds of stories for years documenting bond and “PP” missteps, negligence and incompetence. The people of this city are decent people. They, taxpayers and property owners deserve better. 

Opinion Piece by Branson Hunter

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3 Responses to Downtown Project Phoenix revitalization plan found unworkable!

  1. branson hunter
    branson hunter May 17, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    The California Attorney General and California Department of Finance plummeted the city with demands to correct irregularities. They severely criticized Munoz and McCleary for misleading the city and wrongdoing and demanded they clean their mess. As a result, the state ultimately usurped many of those funds. Thus, the city hasn’t any money to complete the intent and purpose of the Bond debt terms and conditions.

    Local government in 29 has been a disaster for taxpayers, citizens, voters and residents.

  2. branson hunter
    branson hunter May 17, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Twentynine Palms is the Poster Child for negligence, misuse of public funds and incompetence.

    The California Department of Finance and State Attorney General plummeted the city with demands surrounding the bond and “PP”. They severely criticized Munoz and McCleary for their professional practices.

    That ultimately contributed in the state usurping millions of the bond debt. Thus, the city doesn’t have the $$ to complete “PP”.

  3. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter May 17, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    The city manager inherited this inexcusable downtown revitalization chaos from three overzealous council mavericks, outside council A. Patrick Muñoz, Rutan & Tucker, RSG Matt McCleary and a since fired city Manager Richard Warne. There are no bragging rights for these individuals.

    Can we all wish City Manager Frank Luckino well with cleaning-up this embarrassing revitalization meltdown?


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