Commentary: MAC Agenda March 13, 2017

Local MAC area appointed representatives need to be more proactive about ferreting out the needs and ups and downs of each local area they represent.

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Scroll down to the MAC Agenda if you choose to not read the herein commentary.

County Fire, CAL Fire, CHP, County Sheriff, etc. are doing their jobs keeping order, protecting and serving  Morongo Basin residents.

They keep us informed each month at the Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) meetings.  FWIW, FAQ on the county MAC homepage contains a plethora of useful information.

Our areas of Pioneertown, Yucca Mesa, Landers, Joshua Tree, Flamingo Heights, Desert Heights, Wonder Valley, Morongo Valley, and Copper Mountain Mesa all have one locally appointed representatives on the local MAC Council. That is to say, people who actually live in these outback areas.

My research (and previous CT posting) have shown that appointed MAC members in the area in which you live are the “eyes and ears” for Supervisor James Ramos. They are all, I’m sure, dedicated people concerned about the Morongo Basin and Morongo Valley.

But what are they doing besides going to meetings and hearing county reports? They need to do their job better  and cease acting like important bureaucrats. They need to represent our needs, concerns, problems or provide a thank you to the county as necessary.

Speaking of thank you, the county’s is now doing taxes for people. Wow. Thanks to our supervisors for that. For more info, this Cactus Thorns Link titled County Providing Free Tax Prep

I quit going to the meetings because in my opinion they all could do a better job  for us and our respective communities. They all need think about actually acting as the “eyes and ears” for our supervisor. They need to do better ferreting out the needs and ups and downs of the each local area they represent.

I haven’t heard of any local appointed representative getting out there in their community, meeting with the locals they serve. Why cannot local reps schedule local informal quarterly community meetings in their area with the people who live in Wonder Valley, Desert Heights, Pioneer Town, Landers, Monrongo Valley, et cetera? And then take it back to the MAC meetings. I haven’t ever heard from my representative in the area in which I reside.

Could the appointed reps consider discussing how they can better accomplish the duty of serving outback areas as  the “eyes and ears” of Supervisor Ramos for all of our collective concerns?

Thanks for your indulgence. Comments welcome.

MAC Agenda March 13, 2017





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5 Responses to Commentary: MAC Agenda March 13, 2017

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter March 10, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Just an observation here, but It may appears to some caring residents that a few of our well-intended and dedicated community leaders are on too many committees… like girl or boy scouts wanting to earn merit patches. Even so, they are good people but may need to diverse and seek out new local leadership. There are so many people in all these communities that are able, competent and ready to serve. We need to do a better job of bringing more new people into local and county governments.

  2. Mark Lundquist March 11, 2017 at 7:07 am

    Not sure what area you live in but most have community associations each MAC members attend and bring their area concerns back to the MAC meetings. Do your homework before you write an inaccurate piece.

  3. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter March 11, 2017 at 11:22 am

    MAC is a top down organization. IMHO it should be from the bottom up. BTW I live in Desert Heights. Appreciate your input. My opinion-commentary isn’t an “inaccurate piece” as you allege. I don’t recall ever reading that a MAC appointed was to appear at one of the community associations. In my area (and others likely) there is NO community association. I wish our MAC member would set up a publicized informal meeting.

  4. Dan OBrien March 12, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    I live in Ranch San Jose Heights…… We are supposedly represented by some person in Wonder Valley. I can tell you from observation what ever the MAC does it has a consistent negative effect on live in the Rural Morongo Basin.

    Year after ear more rules, more regulations, more fees and more attacks on private property.

    Instead of concluding life here is goof enough, Quasi-government groups need to find something to change to justify their existence.

  5. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter March 12, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    View the Agenda’s for MAC
    Then kindly explain how MAC isn’t top down. The AGENDAS speak for themselves.

    I proffered two suggestions in the commentary. One of which that there be an agenda item for MAC members to discuss how they can better ferret out the needs and ups and downs of the local area they respectively cover for Supervisor Ramos. The Chair, Mr. Lundquist, comes back with an unkind insult.

    We have a few hardcore appointments in local government with little patience in terms of public alternative views. There is no requirement those appointees should agree, but there is a threshold of civility expected from appointed quasi-officials.

    We all seem to forget that local government serves the people that live here, be it the public or local businesses.

    Have a nice Sunday everyone.


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