Colonies Corruption Case Now a Real Scandal

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Well, State and County Prosecutors promised to uncover the scandal in the “Colonies Corruption Case” and they did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, the scandal they exposed is that they are the perpetrators of a crime.

After seven months and dozens of witnesses, the brilliant prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office and District Attorney Mike Ramos’ office failed to provide any evidence of any crime.

Certainly there was much huffing and puffing, accusatory and derogatory language by prosecutors against the defendants and defense attorneys, and shenanigans that would be great theatre in a bad “Matlock” rerun, but not a single shred of evidence of bribery or any other crime.

The prosecution’s case is so void of evidence, and the prosecutions witness testimony so damaged under cross examination, that Defense Attorneys declined to even put a defense case forward to the jury.  And when the announcement was made, the Judge told the jury that they could applaud!  And THEY DID!





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