Christmas 2018: The Grinch and the Hero

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It’s reported this morning in news services across “the land of the free and the home of the brave” that American has a deplorable Christmas Grinch, and an unrelated holiday season school bus driver hero.


There is a new American Grinch. A Grinch that make reasonable and prudent people shake their heads in disgust. The Grinch is Sears Executives who have given themselves $25 million in bonuses — as they voted to laid-off employees and denied them severance after bankruptcy. Disgraced Sears executives filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October. The parent company of retail giants Sears and Sears Holdings, Kmart, has obtained permission from a U.S. bankruptcy court to pay out as much as $25.3 million in bonuses to Sears executives. Sears has eliminated 5,457 employee positions. The Chicago Tribune reported Laid-Off employees, many before Christmas, will receive no contractual sadseverance pay. Meanwhile Liquidation sales have boosted Sears’s profits by 4.3 percent.  While all these employees are now jobless, many after decades with the company, their families’ severance pay usurped and dolled out to Sears Grinches. How many families will have little for gifts during what is one of the happiest part of childhood, celebrations, gifts and GIVING during the holidays. 


Wayne Price of Alabama is indeed a hero. How many of us would do what Mr. Price did? It was a cold and icy morning for school bus drivers… Their journey on the bus was sbdelayed for hours  because of extreme ice and winter conditions.  The Montevallo Elementary School was unable to serve breakfast, but bus driver Mr. Price showed kindness to students when he bought 50 McDonald’s breakfasts for his entire bus of students!”  Price “truly demonstrates the spirit of Christmas!,”the school reported. [No photo available]

By Branson hunter


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