Censorship At high Desert Publishing

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Liberal Bias silences Conservative Thought.

Those who write letters to the Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail may not be aware that those letters are re-published on the opinion blog and viewers are allowed to comment on them. If you write a conservative letter, or support Donald Trump, you are probably not aware that your piece is being crucified by Liberals. About a year ago I decided to join the blogosphere to help defend conservatives. I have since been summarily banned for life from the blog by administrator Stacie Moore.

It was apparent from the beginning that there was bias, and a double standard taking place on the blog. Many of my posts were deleted because they were of a conservative nature, not because they violated any rules. The Liberals were given a pass, they could insult conservatives and parrot the lies from the mainstream media that are against the rules and policies of the Hi-Desert Publishing Company. Nobody on that blog was insulted and demonized more than I was, yet they are still there and I’m gone.

One particular blogger using the name BBB was unrelenting with insults. I posted that it will take two generations to properly re-educate our young people into loving their country again. BBB responded that because I was a high school drop out that I had no business or credibility to talk about education. I couldn’t defend myself because I was banned, so I’ll do it now. Yes BBB, I’m a high school drop out and proud of it because I can read and write. I have an IQ of 135, which means I don’t take schitt from college assholes. There, I said it. So refreshing to speak out on a blog where you can express yourself.

Here are a few insults, to the best of my memory, that I suffered on this blog. I was accused of being sexually frustrated because I joined the US Navy in the early sixties and missed out on the hippie free love communes. Knowing I was a conservative they chided me for joining what they view a socialist organization. Then asked how many socialist benefits I received as a veteran. They challenged my Naval service stating that the Navy doesn’t take high school drop outs. They did in 1963. I was told that I was not smart enough or educated enough, or up to the task of participating on this blog and that I should pack up and go home. I was repeatably called a “puker.”

These are clear violations of the rule against insulting fellow bloggers, but I am gone and they are still there.

They had a problem with my name, Adam Baum. They even googled it. I told them it was a Jewish name and borderline anti-Semitic posts began coming in. I said my name was Jewish, I never said I was Jewish. I’m really a German.

In talking to Ms Administrator, I was given three reasons for being banned from the blog. I was accused of using a racial slur by calling Obama “Obongo.” If Ms Administrator would check her urban dictionary the term Obongo refers to his marijuana use. Hence the word “bong.”

Another reason cited was that I committed blasphemy against the Liberal blessed sacrament of abortion. I posted that I could not understand why a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body when it’s someone else’s body that is torn apart and thrown in the trash.

I told a soy boy, who bills himself as Branson Hunter, who kept praising a liberal blogger, that he needs to glue his lips to his ass. It’s difficult to believe that a liberal would have a problem with the word ass. So long as you hate Trump and his supporters you can say anything you want on the HDP opinion blog with impunity.

It appears that High Desert Publishing has joined the chorus of other anti-American blogs and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and others in suppressing conservative narrative.

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2 Responses to Censorship At high Desert Publishing

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter July 13, 2019 at 7:18 am

    The following Comment is written by Branson Hunter.

    This entire opinion piece is bullshit. The DT and HDS allowing mostly unfiltered comments. This complainer only post a few comments. He would have you believe he was a legitimate commenter for a year. The only agenda this troll has is to sow discontent.

    Rebuttal to “Censorship At high Desert (sic) Publishing” speaks for itself.

    Adam Baum was booted out of The Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail for aimless profanity and for refusing to abide by the paper’s terms of use.

  2. Avatar
    Adam Baum July 15, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    The author of this drivel is shown to be Adam Baum. I assure you that I did not write this hit piece against myself. How did this happen and who is the real author?

    A. Baum


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