Californians Should Prepare Now For The Next One

Department of Homeland Security and FEMA reports:

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Release Number: 1342-03

Francisco, CA — The Recent Napa County Earthquake was probably not the
last one that will occur in this area. Earthquakes are a way of life
in California. The quake, of September 3, was not a major one. The
next one could be much more severe, involving many more people and
structures. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the
Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) recommend that
individuals, families, businesses and communities make preparations now
for the eventuality of a major quake.

“It is essential to have a disaster strategy,” Mark Ghilarducci, the
federal coordinating officer for the disaster recovery effort, said.
“Lives can be saved and damage to property reduced by taking action
before the disaster occurs.”

The key elements of an effective disaster strategy are to take
mitigation steps in advance, to maintain a checklist of supplies and to
have a family plan of action when the disaster occurs.

Some of the more important supplies to keep on hand at all times are
flashlights (check batteries frequently), bottled water, canned food and
heat, a portable radio, extra blankets and a fire extinguisher.

The earthquake action plan should include a list of the safe and unsafe
areas in the home. Areas such as under sturdy tables or desks are
usually considered safe. It is unsafe to be near hanging objects,
fireplaces, swinging doors and unsecured furniture. A location away
from the home should be selected for family members to meet in case of
separation. An out of state family member or friend should be selected
so that separated family members can maintain contact. At least one
family member should learn how to shut of gas, water and electricity.
Practice drills should be conducted frequently.

Individuals who want to obtain technical assistance and more detailed information about earthquake preparation are encouraged to contact FEMA publications at 1-800-480-2520, the FEMA regional office at 1-415-923-7100 or the FEMA Website.

Last Updated: January 3, 2018 – 13:02

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