California Veteran Benefits

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California veteran benefits are aimed at veterans and their families in order to make their integration in society easier by providing easily accessible services focused on education, housing, employment and healthcare. There are several veteran benefits provided by the state of California. The following is a brief description of each program.

License Plates

Veteran license plates:
Veterans can obtain special veteran license plates with an Armed Forces emblem of their choice. Plus, they can get personalized license plates with up to 6 characters for a $10 fee.

Disabled veteran license plates:
Handicap parking license plates and waiver of registration fees are provided to veterans with 100% service-connected disabilities, are severely disabled and can’t move without the aid of an assistant, have lost, or lost use of one or more limbs, or have suffered permanent blindness. Visit for more information.

California Veteran Housing Programs

Veterans Homes of California:
California offers low cost residential, assisted living and medical care facilities for veterans. There are currently 6 homes across California in Yountville, Barstow, Chula Vista, Lancaster, Ventura, and West Los Angeles. New buildings are planned as well. Click here for more info.

Calvet Farm and Home Loans:
Honorably discharged veterans are eligible for direct loans from the state at low rates. This may include no or low down payments. For more information on mortgages 1-888-995-HOPE or provides free mortgage advice 24/7. Other benefits with regards to mortgages may apply. Visit the Calvet Home Loans website for more information or ask for assistance through the customer service department at (800) 952- 5626 (toll free) or (916) 503-8362.

California Financial Assistance Benefits

Property Tax Exemptions:
If the total household income is over $49,979 per year, the assessed value of the home gets a property tax exemption of up to $111,296. Homes with a total household income of under $49,979 per year, get a property tax exemption of up to $166,944 on the assessed value of the home.

Motor Vehicle Registration Fees Waived:
Free license plates and exemption from registration fees for one passenger motor vehicle, one motorcycle, or one commercial motor vehicle weighing under 8001 pounds. More on how to register a vehicle employment opportunities from organizations working with Calvet.

California Veteran Business Benefits

Business License, Tax and Fee Waiver:
Veterans that vend any goods or wares are exempt from paying municipal, county and state business license fees and taxes.

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Opportunities:
The state of California’s goal is to award 3% of all state contracts to disabled veteran owned businesses through the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program. The application process can be found here.

California Education Benefits

College Tuition Fee Waivers for Veterans’ Dependents:
Veteran dependents have the right to attend any community college or state university in California without paying tuition. See the County Veterans Service Office for information on applying.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, the state of California offers many more veteran benefits programs, including free license plates for disabled veterans and reduced fees for fishing and hunting licenses.

For more on California State Veterans’ Benefits, go to the California Department of Veterans’ Affairs or check



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