California: Over $1B on campaigns in last two elections, much of it secret money. 

Speaking of draining the swamp... This repugnant secret money undermines ethics and morality and basic decency.

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Mara Schechter, Daily KosDaily Kos – July 1, 2017

More than $1 billion was spent on California campaigns in the last two elections, and much of it was secret money.

While federal action can seem hopeless right now, we can take great steps at the state level. California has the chance to lead the nation in the fight to stop secret money from buying elections.

This bill, AB 249, will strike a major blow against secret money by requiring ballot measure ads to clearly and prominently show their true funders on the ads themselves – the first bill in the nation to do so. It will finally stop billionaires and other powerful interests who pay for ads from deceiving voters by hiding behind front groups.

So we’re joining a big coalition of organizations to demand that CA legislators pass this groundbreaking bill.

And AB 249’s first Senate vote is coming soon.  Powerful interests don’t want it to pass, so it’s up to us to turn up the heat.

Please sign the petition (which will email your CA legislators) now! It’s time to stop powerful interests from deceiving voters.


Are you as outraged at deceptive political ads as I am? We finally have a chance to do something about it: We can demand the legislature pass AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act!

AB 249 will stop corporations and other special interests from deceiving voters about who’s really paying for political ads by making them reveal the true top funders — on the ads themselves!

Please sign the petition for AB 249 now:

Thanks! Trent Lange
President, California Clean Money Action Fund

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