Bob Dylan gets pissed at fans, pauses his World Tour concert show in Vienna

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“We can either play or pose,” Dylan barked into a microphone at a Vienna show. “Okay?”

Vienna, Austria – News sources from around the globe used an assortments of verb to describe Dylan’s angst with fans during his worldwide tour playing in Vienna.

News outlets and repeater sources led with verbs like:

Bob Dylan scolded his audience
Bob Dylan slams fans
Bob Dylan reprimand his audience
He barked

Bob Dylan admonishes fans
Bob Dylan lashes out at his audience…

Rolling Stone reported

“…[H]e finally reached his boiling point when he stopped singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” after one verse to admonish the audience. “Take pictures or don’t take pictures,” he barked. “We can either play or we can pose. Okay?”

For the past few years, Bob Dylan, like many intertainers, has had a strict “no-photos” policy at his concerts.

Dylan said:

“Everyone with tickets to these shows should keep their cellphones firmly in their pockets.”

“An angry Bob Dylan is a scary sight, ” exclaimed the Rolling Stone article,” by Andy Green

Dylan will pose for you and your cell phones on stage, and not play, or, put the damn phones down and enjoy the concert.

That is the icon’s message.

What really burned Dylan is that (while fans were snapping cell photos) Dylan tripping on instruments and nearly fell. That fueled his angst.

Dylan was distracted and pissed.

After 60 years of entertaining fans, akin to the great Miles Davis, either the audiences show basis respect during performances, or he will not perform.

Many other entertainers enforce much stricter requirements on concertgoers than Dylan.

Dylan is 78 and he will continues his world tour with break in between for some R&R.


Branson Hunter
Feature photo taken in 2012

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