Board Of Supervisors Authorizes Spending On Police Body Cameras

Ironically, Twenthynine Palms Councilmember Dan MINTZ speaks against protecting officers with body cams in unprecedented and incomprehensible dais babble about computers and technology unable to store video. Huh? -- insert by branson hunter, cactus thorns

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RIVERSIDE, Ca. – The Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to authorize Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff to move forward with plans to equip sheriff deputies with Body cameras.

The vote will allow the Sheriff’s Department to begin spending the $557,900 dollars awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice in September.

“Body worn cameras have proven to be very effective at reducing the number of complaints. They also help document incidents. Both use of force and also just the normal encounters between law enforcement and the public that occur thousands of times a week, millions of times a year,” said Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Kevin Vest.

By Vince Marino,

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