BBC: TV personality shoots cougar, sparking backlash

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A Canadian television personality is getting pilloried on social media after posting a photo of himself next to a cougar that he had killed.

Steve Ecklund, who hosts the outdoor show The Edge, bragged about killing the large Alberta mountain cat online.

Photos of him next to the dead animal have sparked outrage, including some harsh words from Laureen Harper, the wife of Canada’s former prime minister tweeted:

 What a creep. Chasing a cougar with dogs until they are exhausted then shooting a scared, cornered and tired animal. Must be compensating for something, small penis probably. 

Mrs Harper is the wife of former prime minister Stephen Harper, who was also an MP for Alberta, the province where the animal was hunted.

The couple are noted animal lovers, especially cats. She and her husband rescued many cats throughout his tenure in Ottawa.

Her uncensored reply caused a shock, since she was known to be quite reserved when she was in the public eye.

But Mr Ecklund showed no sign of remorse.

“If you can guess what post has 900 likes, 450 comments, 13 confirmed death threats, 754 swear words and one very happy hunter in it…….I will enter your name into the draw for the new cougar cook book, filled with mouth watering recipes for your next mountain lion,” he wrote on Facebook.


Steve Ecklund proudly displays meat butchered from the cougar to eat.

More @ BBC:  Canada TV personality Steve Ecklund shoots cougar, sparking backlash

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One Response to BBC: TV personality shoots cougar, sparking backlash

  1. Dan OBrien
    Dan OBrien December 23, 2017 at 10:29 am

    See no problem with hunting….. See no problem with Steve Ecklund.. Keep up the good work, hey…

    I am going to bet that the Canadian equivalent to the Fish and Game Department… considered a surplus of Mountain Lions…. Instead of starving all the lions they culled the population by permitted hunting…..

    Such a non-story…..


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