Arizona Firearm and Ammunition Laws

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Less than 150 miles east on Hwy 62 is The Promised Land of the the 2nd Amendment as written, ARIZONA. Just a day trip away. A leisurely Day along the Colorado River. Pop into a Indian Casino, Swim in the cool waters of the Colorado and stop buy the scores of gun shops to fulfill your Ammunition needs. There is more than one way to skin a Sacramento Cat.

Ammunition Sales Restrictions
Arizona law prohibits anyone from selling or giving ammo to an under 18 years old without written consent from the minor’s parent or guardian
Arizona has no law requiring a license for the sale of ammunition
Arizona has no current law requiring a license to purchase or possess ammo
Arizona does not require sellers of ammunition to keep a record of all purchasers
Arizona has no current state restrictions on armor-piercing or other dangerous ammo, although federal regulations may apply to specific types of ammo

Firearm Restrictions
Background Checks
Federal law requires licensed Arizona dealers to initiate a background check
There is no Arizona law demanding a background check for the transferring of a firearm between private and unlicensed parties
Gun Shows
Arizona has no law regulating gun shows
Dealer Regulations and Registration
Arizona has no laws requiring owners and buyers to obtain a license
Arizona has no laws requiring the registration of firearms
Assault Weapons
There is no current Arizona law restricting assault rifles
Fifty Caliber Rifles
There are no current laws in place restricting fifty caliber rifles
Multiple Purchases and Sales
Arizona does NOT restrict the number of firearms being bought at in one transaction
Waiting Periods
Arizona does not implement a waiting period for firearm sales
Requirements for Possession and Purchases
Any individual over the age 21 is not required by the state to possess a permit for carrying a concealed firearm in public
Arizona prohibits people from owning a firearm if: An individual has been convicted or charged with felony
Is currently serving an imprisonment term in any detention or correctional facility
Is currently on probation for a conviction for a felony offense domestic violence, home arrest, parole, community supervision, work furlough, or release on another basis
An individual is a nonimmigrant alien or undocumented alien with or without evidence documenting their foreign residence for business or academic reasons
Has been determined to be a danger to himself or herself and to others.
Has been found incompetent, and not fully competent
Prohibits anyone that has committed for: First or second-degree burglary
Any felony offense that involves the use or threatening the use of a fatal weapon or dangerous instrument
A serious offense
Large Capacity Magazines
There are no current laws restricting large capacity magazines
Machine guns
Arizona recognizes machine guns as a prohibited weapon
Arizona prohibits any individual from manufacturing, transporting, selling, or possessing prohibited weapons.
Those possessing, transferring, or manufacturing a machine gun in compliance with federal laws are exempt
Newly manufactured machine guns are prohibited by federal law. Only machine guns manufactured prior to May 19, 1986, are permitted and must be registered

Permit & Carry Restrictions
Open carry
There is no current Arizona law prohibiting open carry of firearms in public
Conceal And Carry Weapons Permit
Any individual over the age 21 is not required by the state to possess a permit for carrying a concealed firearm in public
Arizona is a shall issue state and distribute permits if applicants: Are 21 years old or older
A resident of Arizona or citizen of The United States
Not currently under indictment or have been convicted with a felony in any jurisdiction
Must not be suffering from a mental illness and has not been diagnosed as mentally incompetent, or have spent time in a mental institution
Able to fully demonstrate complete competence with a firearm with the completion of a firearm safety course
A firearm education and training course led by an instructor approved by The Department of Public Safety or NRA certified instructor
Physical evidence of current military proof or honorable or general discharge from The United States Armed Forces.
An expired or valid license or permit for a firearm, concealed weapon or handgun permit given from a political subdivision or another state.
Full completion of any governmental agency course on firearm training or safety.
Permit Duration
Permits for concealed weapons are valid for 5 years and may be renewed if applicants undergo a new background and criminal history record check
Permit Holders Information
Arizona law prohibits any information about permit holders to be made public
DPS is fully capable of possessing a computerized record system for criminal justice agencies and law enforcement entities
All information is not available unless ordered to do so under federal or state court
Arizona honors permits for firearms, handguns, and concealed weapons issued by other states if the person is not legally restricted from possessing a firearm in Arizona
Guns in Schools, Bars, and Public Places
Arizona prohibits the possession of a firearm on any common schools, high schools or public grounds, exempt are individuals with approved used in a school program or those that possess a permit by the state to carry
Arizona does not restrict permit holders from carrying firearms into licensed bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.
Arizona restricts anyone, including permit holders, from consuming alcohol while in possession
Arizona prohibits possession of a firearm
In election polling places on the day of elections
Within any immediate control of someone in hydroelectric or nuclear generating station
In any public establishment or when attending any public event after having been requested to remove and place it in the custody of the operator or sponsor of the event for short-term storage
A public event is an event with limited duration and held by a public or private entity with a license or permit to do so
On the grounds or near any jails or correctional facility


We are not suggesting a Scofflaw attitude on ammunition Sales. We are just suggesting that while you are in Arizona you might avail yourself of your Constitutional Right.

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