Analyses and Opinion: Something is very wrong with this city

Project Phoenix reconstruction has been and is a CURSE upon the city.

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Twentynine Palms, CA – Even though taxpayers, TPWD ratepayers, property owners and residents are looking at $100,000,000 debt plus to pay for sewer infrastructure, and even though the downtown re-re-re-reconstruction is falling apart for lack of funds, Consultants tell the city council it ought to have Golden Arches over SR 62.

While driving up and over Donnell Hill around noon today, A mother with a stroller and two small tots, were walking along the South side of SR 62. They were inches from vehicles moving at 55 mph. Worse yet, motorists cannot see pedestrians from both sides of the hill until they crest the Hill.

No reasonable, prudent city councilmember would allow this sort of daily dangers for mothers, children and residents. While the city council fiddles with their “PP” (the Project Phoenix miscarriage), residents daily deal with blight and dangers.

Indeed: The west-side of the city is shamefully blighted and neglected. There is no excuse for that.  There is NO safe access along SR 62 from downtown to the Staters parking lot.

One pedestrian was ran down and killed by vehicle a car a few years back at the canal crossing — just like then Councilmember Jim Harris predicted (when no one on the council would listen).

The city needs to clean-up the city. A few years ago (maybe 10), the council beautified the walkways on both sides of downtown SR 62.

That beautification right now is filthy! It needs steam cleaning. Grass is growing out of and over all the cracks. What a pathetic thing for visitors, locals and small business owners to have to see.

It sends the message 29 is a dirty place.

We have a city-town in decline on the west-side of Donnell Hill (and elsewhere). Meantime three city councilmembers have other priorities, and it hadn’t included preparing for a $100 Million in sewer infrastructure costs, or plans to fight blight, neglect and ugliness.

We are an impoverished city according to updated 2010 Census. Residents needs are being neglected by the city council.

The town will continued its uncertain period of waiting for three council guys to retire from the dais. It is going on 10 years and the council is still fiddling around, chasing windmills.

The city council has been getting away with gross negligence pertaining to the lack of flood controls. Residents need a bridge (yes it will cost $$) at Split Rock canal crossing. Lives there have been lost.

The deal with Split Rock is that it will take money away from some councilmember’s pet project. The city floods in the same areas time after time and the discussion is Golden Arches over the city and SR 62.

It is mired down is downtown reconstruction. It’s been almost a decade and the council HAS NO DESIGN. The previous plans — after having paid about two million in attorney fees to appointed outside city attorney, A. Patrick Munoz and Rutan & Tucker,  all the plans of “PP” had to be scrapped because of legal problems.  Is bad legal advise attorney Munoz, way to busy with all the its other towns and cities?

Project Phoenix reconstruction has been and is a CURSE upon the city. It has become an ego project by three councilmembers.

Twentynine Palms is not all it can be

It can be much better with the proper leadership. Citizens and residents need better representation west of Donnell Hill. That area is a sordid underbelly of neglect, redlining and part of the city in decline. The city council’s very apparent neurosis has come to the zone of uncaring about all of its residents: Res ipsa loquitur. Yes. Something is very wrong with this city.  It can do better for businesses and the people that live here. It needs better leadership on the council. Endnote: Is the council seeking to plunder taxpayers city emergency funds to pay for their follies?

Good luck to Frank Luckino.

By Branson Hunter

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