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     18th October 2016 @ 2.55pm

    Urgent Need To Assess Impact On Food & Water

    The Pacific Ocean – in fact almost one-third of the Globe – is thought to have been contaminated from the leak […]

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  • F/A-18C Hornet Marine fighter jet crashes-burns in Southern California


    AP October 26, 2016, 6:02 AM

    TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. — A Marine Corps jet fighter crashed and burned Tuesday in the Southern […]

  • Critics doubt California has enough lawyers for death penalty speed-up

    Sacramento Bee


    Special to The Bee

    Almost 40 years ago, I wrote California’s current death penalty law. I attempted t […]

    • kill’em all let God sort out the mistakes……….

      • I knew you would comment…
        I knew you would be okay with the death penalty…
        I knew you would be okay with the innocent that are wrongfully executed…
        I knew you would be compassionately unkind…
        How would Jesus vote?
        You know the answer…

        Carry on…

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  • Yucca Valley – You’d better have a seat for this.

    If longtime Councilmember Robert Lombardo has his way the town would waste money or bond for another performing Arts theater in the Morongo Basin.

    Not to w […]

  • Local comment: Not rigged in 29 Palms. More egregious than rigging, this city’s unconscionable violation of the principals of democracy. They gave property owners two partial property tax increases without a […]

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    Right now, Native women are being “strip-searched” and jailed in Standing Rock, North Dakota days without bond. That’s right, Sioux […]

  • Huh? Z107.7 is urging a NO vote on Prop 60 requiring the porn industry to use condoms. Under the leadership of Gary Daigneault, the station has embraced the false propaganda of greedy porn filmmakers (who buy en […]

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  • Just got back from the Save A Lot Market and found out that the store will close it’s doors on Saturday 29th 2016.

    I was told by local employees that the reason for its closure was the corporation was unable to […]

    • LMFAO

    • Oops. Now that Safe-a-Lot will be closing its doors, there is no safe passage to Stater Bros from the downtown area (over Donnell Hill) for residents that walk, bicycle, and are those Americans with Disabilities who are confined to wheelchairs. The council continues to not care much about the people that live here. Their obsession with their flaccid “PP” (the Phoenix project) has taken its toll on residents.

      Councilmember/Pastor Wright should look into this since he is Gods assistant. The man of the cloth needs to step up his game and be more proactive toward the people that live here. God is watching Mr. Wright.

      We have the most useless three councilmen (KLUNK, COAL & DINTZ) on terra firma. I think there is a moral turpitude issue with three useless councilmen in connection with their obligations to make safe passageway for pedestrians. Even a paved walkway, like the one on North Adobe would work just fine. Already one pedistrian was run down because the lack of sidewalks on the westside of Donnell Hill. Just a matter of time before another resident is killed because the city has its head up its colon.

      • What about Dollar General?

      • No passage to “Staters”? Have you heard about the new means of transportation here in 29? It’s called the MBTA. .

        • Another comprehension problem Larry? Pedestrians walk; bicyclists bicycle and peddle. Focus Larry.

        • Larry the city has had a “PLAN” to build sidewalks on the South side of the highway from Staters to the downtown area for several years now.

          It is still not built. Not all can pay for MBTA nor do they have a vehicle.

          This city needs a council that cares about infrastructure and not pie in the sky ideas that in their minds will bring millions to the city so we can build the infrastructure. They have it backwards – build the infrastructure and investors will come. No investor in his right mind would build here when the city has the mind set of the builders build our infrastructure through fees. Ever wonder why we have no builders?

          In my humble opinion this city is in a mess. The one candidate that may have it right is Bilderain who recently said words to the effect that he does not know if the city needs to grow.

          What a great idea. Fix what we have before thinking we can compete with the Coachella Valley, Yucca Valley, and at this point even Joshua Tree.

          • Doing anything along Hwy 62 needs the blessing of Caltrans, That’s harder to get than an OK from the county. How long did it take to get the stop light at Burger King? It needed a couple of deaths there to finally get Caltrans attention. Coachella? Where did you come up with that straw horse? When the developer puts the pin at 4 corners and draws a circle half of it is 29 and west with people. The other half is Wonder Valley. And you wonder why there’s no new construction.

            • Do you forget that when the hotel was built I was the only councilmember that wanted a condition of approval that the hotel put in a traffic light?

              Of course the company said that would be a deal breaker and the rest of council at the time folded.

              More traffic signals have been put in place in Yucca Valley without fatal collisions. Why is that?

              BTW it only took that one fatality at the intersection to get the ball rolling. The other fatalities were East of that point at the two entrance and exit points to the Staters shopping center.

            • This comment has been updated and modified.

              Larry, good to see on occasion you address issues.

              It need be repeated: mothers with strollers; pedestrians; out-of-town bicyclist touring folks that pass through the city; local bicyclists; (like Marines and local folks); and motorized wheelchair Americans with disabilities need safe passageway from one end of town to the other. No prudent person would argue otherwise.

              Don’t blame Caltrans on the council’s misguided priorities and abandonment of critical issues.

              Former Councilmember Jim Harris warned the council that someone is going to get run over West of Donnell Hill because of the lack of sidewalks exactly where the man was killed. The council ignored him without comment. That was about five freaking years ago.

              The council has been “sitting on their hands” for years on this. There is no safe passage along 62 from the Arco station, over Donnel Hill, to the westside of ‘redlinned’ town.

              This is unacceptable. Period. One man has already been killed by traffic because if the council’s inaction (gross negligence) to workout this simple infrastructure.The most dangerous place in Twentynine Palms for the above people is the at crest of Donnell Hill.

              Paving a passage way with asphalt is far cheaper. I suggest the council get off their keisters and represent the electorate and people that live here. It’s scandalous that the three mouseketeers have a problem with safety issues in this city.

              I have walked the area in question. It takes 45 minutes from Arco to Staters Bros. and another 45 to return. That is an hour and a half exposed to great bodily harm, or a fatality.

              Wise and informed voters will not put KLINK back at the dais. Steven Bilderain, and Jim Krushat are ready and willing to help build a city in despair.

        • No bread? Let them eat cake!

    • What about Dollar General, Larry? Save a lot was a regular Grocery Store, Dollar General was more a sundry Store. Apples and Oranges…. Have you not shopped those stores?

      • I have shopped both stores and like Save-a Lot over Dollar General. Save a Lot has been bought out by a larger corporation and many of their stores have been closed as a result of the new corporate policy. Benji shouldn’t put the blame on a local property owner.

    • You and Dan are interchangeable. “is it time for to”. At least Dan can write proper English. Go back to bed.

    • Take that up with Dan.
      Your second sentence is clear as mud.
      Stay with the issues trolling Larry.

    • Reading comprehension Larry? That was Dan who (rightly) criticized “Landlords greed”. Isn’t it time for you to collect late rents? Ya know Larry, about 50% of the time you get it wrong.
      ying yang

    • I am Prettier than Ben…..

      • Dan wrote: I am Prettier than Ben…..

        I feel pretty,
        Oh, so pretty,
        I feel pretty and witty and bright!
        And I pity
        Any girl who isn’t me tonight.

        I feel charming,
        Oh, so charming
        It’s alarming how charming I feel!
        And so pretty
        That I hardly can believe I’m real.

        I Feel Pretty Lyrics – Westside Story

    • Seriously Larry you are a big Kahuna in the Planning Commission and a mover and shaker, what are you and the city going to do about the loss of another shopping choice in 29?

      I think it is high time you quit shooting at the messenger and start expressing all that flipping intelligence that the city must have thought you had to appoint you.

      Give us the skinny. Tell us what the City is going to do about this tragedy.

      • I remember being told during the Thomas Towing saga that merchants build the infrastructure such as roads, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks through city fees and conditions.

        That was when I became the “Rogue” councilmember.

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