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  • DATE/TIME: May 23, 2017
    INCIDENT: Lewd Acts w/Minor Under 10, Production of Child Pornography
    LOCATION: Residence in Adelanto
    SUSPECT: Jonathan Robert Jones, 30 years old, resident of Adelanto
    VICTIM: Confidential […]

  • 5:56 p.m., Tuesday 5-23-17.

    A  homestead North of Pole Line on Alfalfa is being completely destroyed as I write this. The homeowner (“Joan”) incurred non-threatening injuries.

    Neighbors report that four cats a […]

  • The health and welfare of the “many people” described in the U.S. Constitution is critical to a free people.  Medicaid and food stamps are what separates us from impoverished, underdeveloped n […]

  • How do you sum up a truly amazing event? In a word, Wow!

    This past Saturday the “Veterans University” annual (expo-like) veterans benefits and advocacy event was phenomenal.

    Veterans and their families from all […]

  • Passing along messages for you from our friends in Lucerne Valley:

    • If you love desert exploring, ancient petroglyphs, and local history, Bill Lembright of the Lucerne Valley M […]

  • What does Cora Heiser, Steve Spear, Mark Clemons, Branson Hunter, scores of other logical thinkers and even myself have in common? We are all bloody Visionaries! Prophets…. Why Ray Charles could have seen this […]

    • The Phoenix project is ashes due to bad management leadership from the dais.

      29 property owners had the $33 million bond debt shoved in their face like a custard pie without a vote for the benefit of secret bond holders and others. That massive debt thus hasn’t benefited the city or its residence.

      This morning after a review of State demands and legal documents, The state’s DOF and AG call the whole matter a sham and “directly” questioned the ethics of Munoz and (then) Community Development Director/ RSG consulant Matt McCleary.

      Next stop… the city pushing for tax increases or bust?

  • The Desert Trail story titled “City will tear down, rebuild downtown specific plan” is informative and well done. Thank you. Conversely, the local radio station brushed over this tremendous story of public […]

    • The city manager inherited this inexcusable downtown revitalization chaos from three overzealous council mavericks, outside council A. Patrick Muñoz, Rutan & Tucker, RSG Matt McCleary and a since fired city Manager Richard Warne. There are no bragging rights for these individuals.

      Can we all wish City Manager Frank Luckino well with cleaning-up this embarrassing revitalization meltdown?

    • Twentynine Palms is the Poster Child for negligence, misuse of public funds and incompetence.

      The California Department of Finance and State Attorney General plummeted the city with demands surrounding the bond and “PP”. They severely criticized Munoz and McCleary for their professional practices.

      That ultimately contributed in the state usurping millions of the bond debt. Thus, the city doesn’t have the $$ to complete “PP”.

    • The California Attorney General and California Department of Finance plummeted the city with demands to correct irregularities. They severely criticized Munoz and McCleary for misleading the city and wrongdoing and demanded they clean their mess. As a result, the state ultimately usurped many of those funds. Thus, the city hasn’t any money to complete the intent and purpose of the Bond debt terms and conditions.

      Local government in 29 has been a disaster for taxpayers, citizens, voters and residents.

  • By Z107.7 NewsZ107.7 News, on May 15th, 2017

    An editorial opinion from Z107.7 News… The Town of Yucca Valley is drafting a new ordinance to deal with the legalization of marijuana, both for medical and r […]

    • Today the the bells of the The First Amendment Freedom of the Press rang very loud across the Basin at the local radio station with the editorial/opinion piece by Managing Editor Tami Roleff. The Morongo Basin Broadcasting Corporation and Ms. Roleff are saluted for this editorial.

      Editorials or opinions are rare at the station. It is encouraged to write more editorials. It dosen’t matter if we agree or disagree, editorials such as Roleff wrote are the grass-roots of journalism.

      When the Y.V. council visits the issue of Prop. 64 (marijuana for recreational and/or medical use), they have many alternatives to serve the people and become more of a hub — including deriving more taxes. As the editorial points out, Y.V. voters in fact approved Prop 64. It won by 855 votes. It needs to respect Y.V. voters.

      The old Measure X on no dispensaries or home delivers is moot.

      The station’s editorial is correct and timely. They did their homework!

      Further, no town or city council shouldn”t have the power to control California’s INTRASTATE COMMERCE by picking and choosing who can legally enter the city to make legal deliveries of commerce. There are a myriad of mobile couriers that are in my opinion unconstitutional bared from the city. Y.V. has the ability to move itself into the future and serve voters and residents. Certainly, they have the ability to serve participating veterans, seniors and Americans with Disabilities whom choose to use a safe and legal alternative plant medication.

      Postscript: The Twentynine Palms City Council is hopeless in terms of genuine concern (as opposed to rhetoric) and compassion for participating veterans, seniors and Americans with Disabilities whom choose to use a herbal, safe, legal plant as medication. That council is approaching brain dead status with deficits, lack of funds to complete the Phonenix project, bond debt plus costs and attorney fees of $33 million, a retail vacancy rate of just over 41 percent. They are misguided and gullible. Consultants have just recently recommending a possible sales tax increase in the very near future (as an alternative to the city’s reckless and moronic spending spree) to which the city is facing more $$ going out than coming in.

      The majority the 29 council are incapable of change, incapable of compassion and don’t give a hoot that their voters yes on the recreational use of MJ. They copied a boilerplate embargo on dispensories and have restricted interstate mobile deliveries.

      On the other hand, Y.V.’s council is presently dealing with their MJ ordinance and they are smarter and better educated on the new ordinances they are drafting. Well see… .

  • Second Annual Veterans University

    May 20, 2017 at the Palm Springs Convention Center

    Veterans University is for veterans, servicemembers, their families, and anyone in our community interested in learning about […]

    • Well, the wind blew, but the sand flew across the highway away from our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta last Saturday. We planned it as an outdoor celebration, but that ol’ wind came up exactly as p […]

  • Updated 5/12/17 @ 6:35.

    County Firefighters serve the eastern unincorporated communities of Desert Heights, Wonder Valley, TPWD ratepayers and the city of Twentynine Palms.

    County or County Fire management has […]


    Forces in Orange County are quietly militating toward a plan to bury over 200 tons of radioactive debris, including uranium and plutonium, from the now decommissioned San Onofre nuclear plant in the East […]

  • Last nights Protest against President Trump’s order to review the creation of several new national monuments,  was an object flop.

    Most of us tire of the overbearing Left and their desire to Protect us from […]

    • I agree with all your points. Kinda a scary…. 🙂

    • Dan, all Americans are the ‘public’ in public lands. Our shared outdoor heritage should be protected for future generations, not exploited. There are two sides to this issue. No need for either side to trash or bayonet the other. Both sides need space.

      What is scary is when the exploration begins on public lands such as mining, logging, quarrying, construction projects, developed, drilling for gas and oil exploitation, open pit exploitation, transfer of these lands to private ownership, off-road use, etc.

  • JOSHUA TREE, CA — Come “dressed as you are” and celebrate Mother’s Day with the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s award-winning “Fridays! Reader’s Theater” series as it presents an uproarious comedy perfect for mot […]

  • DATE/TIME: Thursday, May 4, 2017 12:22 a.m.
    INCIDENT: CVC 2800.2(a): Felony Evading Warrant Arrest
    LOCATION: 73600 Block of Sunnyvale Drive, Twentynine Palms
    SUSPECT: Jerome Eads, 23 years old, resident of […]

    • Had fun at the Poker Run? We saw some new faces – now you know your way around the Homestead Valley Communities, don’t be a stranger. Lots going on out here.

    If you are into DIY, flea marke […]


    JOSHUA TREE, CA — The Hi-Desert Cultural Center (HDCC) has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to support its top-awarded youth theater, music, and arts education pr […]

  • SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – A Rialto man was arraigned today at the San Bernardino Justice Center on charges of contracting without a valid contractor’s license and operating a contracting business without workers’ […]

  • Every time is see one of these arrest reports on excessive spanking and the judgment call on if it is Child abuse or not, brings up is corporal punishment right or wrong?

    Reported By San Bernardino County […]

  • Iceland’s Approach to Teen Substance Abuse is Something America Needs Now

    The psychological and physical well-being of our children is of utmost importance, and in this way, America is greatly failing its y […]

    • Factors concerning the failed war on drugs:

      The criminalization of drugs, the failed war on drugs, privatization of Department of Corrections Criminal Justice System, lobbyists (including the DEA and California Correctional Peace Officers Association (considered one of the most powerful political forces in California politics), and overzealous enforcement agencies have fueling the drug epidemic, keeping it alive.

      Iceland is very different in the way they deal with their youth and their approach to opiates and drug addiction.

      American Gulag justice is a draconian policy that does not work. We have the largest gulag of prisoners in the world, including youth in lockup.

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