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    There is something wrong with the California Open Boarders groups and their hate for anything that protects the Sovereignty of the United States.

    Criminal Illegal Aliens do need to be incarcerated. Illegal […]

    • 1. What about the Dreamers?

      2. The problem has been Congress all along — dating back to the 70’s. There have been many federal amnesties programs that completely lacked enforcement relating to subsequent illegal immigration.

      3. We need a better way of dealing with legal and undocumented workers and illegal immigration.

      4. Given reports about the conditions and violation of detainees’ civil or constitutional rights, I’d like to see independent oversight on federal detention facilities.

    • 1…. Dreamers? Dreamers? W don’t need no stinking dreamers….

      2. agreed

      3. Agreed

      4. Agreed.

  • “When you do introduce that rigorous physical activity to some of them, that’s when you discover the serious health issues that went undiagnosed.” 

    Colorado Gazette

    Even the kids in America’s fittest state are […]

  • Two bodies found Sunday in Joshua Tree National Park could be hikers who went missing in July.

    According to a news release, hikers discovered the bodies in a remote region of the park.

    Joseph Orbeso, 21, and R […]

  • CNN

    The maker of a little red pill intended to treat a rare condition is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a year as it aggressively targets frail and elderly nursing home residents for whom the drug […]



    We are reaching out to let everyone know that our Internet upstream provider will soon be performing network maintenance that will briefly impact our fiber service.
    Maintenance window start time: T […]

    • The 8th Annual Johnson Valley Oktoberfest drew guests from miles away! Maybe the longest trip: former resident Ed Warren and family flew do […]

  • JOSHUA TREE, CA — The Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s highly esteemed ArtsTech Academy after school arts program for youth grades 1-12 begins its Fall courses next week at the Hi-Desert Cultural Center in Jos […]



    The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is seeking donations of pet food, cleaning supplies, blankets and other pet-related items for donation to at least two San Bernardino County “No […]

    • Come celebrate our 8th Annual Johnson Valley Oktoberfest this Saturday, October 7th!

    The patio Beer Garden at the Johnson Valley Community Center opens at 3:00 p.m.
    The German Bu […]

  • Investing in Cruelty-Free Food 

    In August, Richard Branson wrote a post on the Virgin website about his investment in Memphis Meats, which expressed his vision about the future of food:

    “I believe that in 30 y […]

  • The 29 Planning Commission met tonight at City Hall. Two important agenda items turned into the issues of whether or not variances can be worked out for Fountanhead Development to build a 1800 square foot Starucks […]




    It’s true, the city isn’t exactly bathing in sunlight in terms of adequate fire safety for local businesses, residents and citizens.  This blog has written dozens of […]

    • Addendum: We now discover that plans for the downtown YV fire station has been delayed. According to local sources, “the station is in the fire department’s five-year plans, but it’s not known when the county will actually approve the funds to build the station.”

      What a bunch of double talk. How can county provide reliable services when they continue to cut, cut, cut? The county is acting like a corporation, not a government with a priority that puts the general welfare of its residents first.

    • Steve should have some thoughts on this

    • I understand Greg was a firm “no” and you were a reluctant “yes”.

      With that being said, unless there has been a change in the design as compared to the last time this idea came to the council, and the idea was voted down by the council due to traffic collision/public safety concerns.

      Maybe you can let us know if we are looking at a different design concept to ensure public safety or is this proposal virtually the same?

      Thanks Larry,


    • What I was talking about was the closing of the fire stations and the lack of funds to build a new one in Yucca.

    • It’s a simple question Larry…

      Why are taxpayer paying you to be their representative if you will not answer a simple question?

    • Steve was talking about Starbucks. I’m talking about fire stations. I hope you understand the difference.

      • Hi Larry,

        I did answer your question about County Fire and what it is doing and more importantly not doing.

        But you have not responded to my Starbucks question.

        Can you provide some insight. Thanks.


    • Sorry I missed the point of your question Larry.

      Well lets see. Wonder Valley station is closed for drinking water reasons. Understandable with water that bad. What is not understandable is there are things like Sparklets and other commercial water sources to provide drinking water for the fire personnel.

      The Courthouse uses bottled water for its staff so was it too expensive for county fire to provide bottled water or was this an excuse to close a station they did not want open anyway?

      As for Yucca, again is it an excuse to make more and more money?

      Got my property tax bill on Wednesday. Thanks to our city council I am paying an additional $152.98 for county fire protection that has an ever DECREASING presence in our area.

      Closes a station, can’t build another hmmmmmmmmm…..

    • Was this the plan all along? Take over TPFD but omit informing ratepayers that once achieved, the county and county fire will “cut, cut, cut” services, stations and med-engines response times for the entire area. We were swindled. Firefighters tell us we are ‘at risk’ out here.

      Meantime, councilmembers are living a fantasy planning Camelot and wasting no less that $3.5 million until the Project known as Phoenix was not conforming. That was quickly “swept under the rug”.

      The money drain continues anew from the ashes on version 4 to reconstruct the downtown area. Version 4 of the Phoenix project will spend money again for a “PP” design that will enrich some of the same old independent consultants, consulting firms, administrators, and to once again duplicate paying for administrative costs and attorney fees.

      In other word, the council is starting over again from scratch from “no design at all.” Is this the epitome of incompetence, or just bad planning and bad legal advise?

    • Branson – Project Phoenix is the epitome of a totally incompetent city council.

      We can blame KLINK, COLE, and MINTZ for the initial failure. But we can now add WRIGHT and BILDERAIN to the mix for a failure to see a disaster in the making yet went along with the sham to show unity with the other three failures.

      What a joke these 5 are.

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  • DATE/TIME: September 28, 2017 / 2:33 P.M.

    INCIDENT: Felony Evading

    LOCATION: Sage Ave / Onaga Tr, Yucca Valley

    SUSPECT(S): Ted Dumas, 20-year-old resident of Yucca Valley

    SUMMARY: On September 28, 2017, at […]

    • The 8th Annual Johnson Valley Oktoberfest is almost here – next Saturday, October 7th!See the Brew Menu online at, for the descriptions of the variety of 14 craft beers and a h […]


    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Following last week’s mistrial in the case of Jim Erwin, in which the jury was “hopelessly deadlocked,” prosecutors assigned to the case returned to court today and dismissed the case […]

    • Be sure we have exactly your size and color in souvenir Oktoberfest men’s and ladies’ T-Shirts or ladies’ tank tops – Order online before 12:00 noon tomorro […]


    I am just putting out some facts that I hope will spur discussion.

    Let’s review the historical facts of the Civil War.

    According to the 1860 U.S. Census the Population of the United States was 31 […]


      Black Americans were not thought of as humans (like white humans). Conversely, Indians we killed like animals, but they were thought of as human. Source: Jefferson’s letters. If questioned, I may post the exact quote and source index from my personal library.

      The Indians wars and genocides were all about land, territory and expansion. Slavery was about profits and a way of life that made it easy for prosperous southern gentlemen to buy slaves to forever work for plantation owner and other Southern whites.

      Who made enormous profits off the civil war? Who pushed for civil war? Could it have been prevented? Those who have will fight to keep what they have. Were they any avenues for compromise for Black Americans to be set free, and treated with human dignity?

      After the war, many slaves stayed on plantains and farms. Many that went free were subjects to homelessness and severe poverty and unspeakable humiliations.

      Reparations for the sins of the Southern slave owner? I think maybe to some degree reparation may be appropriate. Maybe on a scale of a one-time benefits, entitlements, or even currency. And they are creative ways in which to accomplish that. Nonetheless, Dan raises a very interesting question-issue with the header (Haven’t Reparations been paid in the blood of Union Losses?). Should Southern states pay reparations to families of Union men (and some women) who lost their lives fighting Southern slavery?

      Reparation 2: The F-35 is one of the most expensive weapons programs in history, with each jet costing around $138 million and the entire program running up to $339 billion. Many white Americans are not comfortable with the discussion about Reparation. Why is that? I have my suspicions.

      Reparation 3: Isn’t it about time we as a nation seriously address this issue? Of course it is. I believe it’s antipathetic for our nation to skirt reparation. Put racism to bed. Reparation in some form is ripe. One less F-35 jet fighter would pay for any reparation. Lets send a message to Black Americans we want to put racism to rest. Reparation is a good message; It is a start.

      Slavery is prevalent around the world. No one ought to owns people; no country should allow it. We trade, and are chummy with governments, that allow the exploration of humans slaves. We accept slavery in third world countries for our own benefits. Benfits like U.S. Military bases, air strips, access for U.S. oil corporations, etc.

      We are not free until we are all free. Present day Caucasians are not guilty for the sins of slave owners. That is on the South. Had those Southerns had compassion and respect for all human, they would have PROTESTED and worked through the system to denounce slavery: but they did not. Slavery was all about power, prestige, money and keeping humans as slaves to do the work of whites overlords.

      The South would never give up their slaves.
      So many questions; so many unanswered questions.

      My opinions….
      (Please, none of this nonsense about white guilt. That is a bias or bigoted distraction.)

  • On this day in 1787 in Philadelphia, PA The United States Constitution was signed. Let us celebrate its signing and Pray that the ideals enshrined within its 4,000 words live forever.

    What follows here are the […]


    Twentynine Palms, CA – Even though taxpayers, TPWD ratepayers, property owners and residents are looking at $100,000,000 debt plus to pay for sewer infrastructure, and even though the downtown […]

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