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  • Taking care of your diabetes means developing a routine for things
    like meals, exercising, and taking medication. But sometimes this
    routine is disrupted when you travel. Your healthcare team can help you
    work […]

  • It would appear that someone was intent on hiding the identity of a male victim of one could only surmise, a homicide, by burning the body near the Sunfair Dry Lake. The horrendously unspeakable act was […]

  • DATE/TIME: Friday, August 16, 2019INCIDENT: PC 311.1 Distribution of Child Pornography PC 311.11 (A) Possession of Child Pornography

    LOCATION: City of Highland

    SUSPECT: Perry Wiseman, 42 year-old, […]

    Lots going on, of interest to Johnson Valley folks, as well as the
    other three Homestead Valley communities! Concerned residents and
    property owners from other unincorporated desert c […]

  • DATE/TIME: August 14, 2019 / 10:33 a.m.

    INCIDENT: Burglary/Possession of Stolen Property

    LOCATION: 8500 block of Condalia Avenue, Yucca Valley

    SUSPECT: William Leon Menser, 28-Year-old Yucca Valley […]

    Don’t you just hate seeing clouds, and wind coming up? Wondering if
    you’ll get another unannounced blackout because somebody has decided you
    live in a high fire risk area?

    To see if you do li […]

  • CHICKEN DINNER THIS SATURDAY!• This Saturday evening, August 3,
    come and enjoy the Johnson Valley Fried Chicken Dinner which includes
    mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh coleslaw and potato salads, and a […]

  • The Supreme Court has ruled in favor for President Donald Trump’s plan that would divert money earmarked for the Pentagon to use to build 100 miles of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

    In a 5-4 vote, […]

  • The U.S. House passed the bipartisan LEGION Act on Tuesday, extending the recognized wartime era back to Dec. 7, 1941.

    LEGION Act — Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National
    Service A […]

    On both Tuesday and Wednesday, Johnson Valley has suffered power
    outages in the afternoon well into the evening and the dead of night,
    too. Several neighbors received updates stating power w […]

    • So too are they unusual events electrical outages in unincorporated 29 and other areas in the MB. Seems each rainfall the grid goes down in patchwork throughout the areas.

  • This morning’s little shaker reminds me to prepare for the big one.

    To tell you the truth my wife and I are in better shape than most I think. Being baptized members of the LDS church we are directed to store […]

  • Release Number: 1342-03

    Francisco, CA — The Recent Napa County Earthquake was probably not the
    last one that will occur in this area. Earthquakes are a way of life
    in California. The quake, of […]

  • A 4.4 earth quake shook Twentyine Palms this morning. No Damage reported.


  • LEGAL SIGN LEGAL AGAIN!• With Five volunteers, a backhoe, tractor, and two ladders later, our big red Johnson Valley sign has been set back farther from Hwy 247, and from Larrea Rd.

    The original t […]

  • Having
    trouble reading this on your laptop or smartphone? You might be among
    the more than one-quarter of rural Americans with insufficient broadband

    From equipment diagnostics to data transfers to […]

  • Update: Most of Yucca Valley, Flamingo Heights, and Landers have been without power most of the night from outages in the Morongo Basin. According to Southern California Edison. Z107.7

    Channel 3 Updated: Jul 1 […]

  • DATE/TIME: July 12, 2019 / 10:15 a.m.

    INCIDENT: Assault on Peace Officer

    LOCATION: 56000 block of Taos Trail, Yucca Valley

    SUSPECT: Reve Yvette Jackson, 35-year-old resident of Yucca Valley

    VICTIM: […]

  • Adam Baum was booted out of The Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail for aimless profanity and unprecedented off-topic personal attacks.

    He refused to agree to the paper’s Terms and Conditions of Use, but he posted […]

    • What I would prefer is to keep this argument in one thread. Either I go in and add this story as a comment to the original story or you do it. I think we have all grown past tit for tat stories.

    • Hi Dan.

      If I have a voice this is what I hope for:

      My post is NOT a comment. It is a REBUTTAL article not a routine “Tit for tat” comment. It is a serious article that should see daylight in the same prominence as the original Feature opinion piece.

      By keeping my article as a feature it will not get buried in comments. I think most people don’t read comments. Maybe experienced reader, but not all readers.

      I don’t think politics should be any sort of factor in pulling the story, if it is at all.

      Cactus Thorns is your creation. It has survived for two decades of reporting local opinions, news and local stories. We have tried to keep to quasi-journalistic standards.

      I would hope that as a feature the community is better informed regarding the allegations and the rebuttal to those allegations.

      Is there a priority in downsizing my story to comments? What is the harm in keeping it as a feature? It’s not like CT has a bunch of contributors and feature space is limited.

      I’m hoping you respond to this before pulling the story.

    • Both of these rants are what they are. Back biting should be kept to a minimum. I thought we got past all these personal attacks.

      Lets put it this way…. If I am personally accused by the likes of the Desert trail crew as the author of either of these diatribes I will not be a happy camper. I am just the vehicle of free speech.

    • I recognize you haven’t pulled the story yet. Thanks for the courtesy. Overall you have been very fair these nearly two decades about free speech for all sides. And I continue to honor you for that.

      You are wrong on this Dan. I think there is a place here for a defense of the paper. It is not about Branson Hunter. I suggest I go back and edit the rebuttal story.

      I don’t know this this entity that posted a few comments in the paper. Once maybe twice I brought to this cyber entity’s attention that the paper had rules.

      The entity was actually amusing because he just let go with profanity and attacks all over the place. Then after a few posts he was gone like a desert wind passing through.

      That’s it.

      Do I care about the entity’s politics? No. The DT or HDS booted him because his comments were taken by the paper as racist…that’s what the entity wrote.

      It’s all your call Dan. A re-edit may be a better approach.

    • Well it looks like two of my favorite people are at one another throats, so the blog suffers.

      I learned along time ago that pissing into the wind only gets your shoes wet.

  • Liberal Bias silences Conservative Thought.

    Those who write letters to the Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail may not be aware that those letters are re-published on the opinion blog and viewers are allowed to […]

    • The following Comment is written by Branson Hunter.

      This entire opinion piece is bullshit. The DT and HDS allowing mostly unfiltered comments. This complainer only post a few comments. He would have you believe he was a legitimate commenter for a year. The only agenda this troll has is to sow discontent.

      Rebuttal to “Censorship At high Desert (sic) Publishing” speaks for itself.

      Adam Baum was booted out of The Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail for aimless profanity and for refusing to abide by the paper’s terms of use.



    It’s not so irrational that people want to know some of the many secrets Area 51 holds.

    “Today” reported early this morning (ET 1:29 am) that over 379,000 people have signed on to a Facebook ev […]

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