A Yucca Valley Community Performing Arts Center?

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disbeliefYucca Valley – You’d better have a seat for this.

If longtime Councilmember Robert Lombardo has his way the town would waste money or bond for another performing Arts theater in the Morongo Basin.

Not to worry. Yucca Valley is sinking into a sewer pit of debt with their sewer infrastructure costs — and two tax increases on the ballot.

How in the world could Lombardo pay for this ridiculous folly?

Councilmember Robert Lombardo is seeking reelection. Is he blowing smoke up the tailpipe of residents thinking he’ll get more votes, or is he a delusional simpleton, like those fellows on the Twentynine Palms City Council that swindle property owners out of thirty-three million dollars for a performing arts theater that didn’t happen?

Those 29 Councilmember were hoodwinked by a bad advice attorney (A. Patrick Muñoz) who profited handsomely from that dirty bond debt and his legal advise.

Gary Daignault at Theatre 29 was the instigator, the “mover and shaker,” who fed the 29 council simpletons mouthfuls of B.S so he could have another bite of the apple:  That is, the de facto TZAR of two city-owned theaters for “exclusive use” of Theatre 29 .

Does Lombardo think that by floating this weighty balloon he will be thought of as a heavy hitter on the dais? The expense to plan, buy land, construct and furnish another performing arts center in the Basis is not going to happen. It is cost prohibitive.

The Basin and Morongo Valley neither needs another performing arts theater nor can one be justified.

Does Lombardo want to join the ranks of Daignault, or a self-serving city council who don’t care one iota about citizens that foot the bills for these 29 Palms pathetic opportunists?

Yucca Valley is already ass-deep in sewer infrastructure costs that it cannot afford. Residents are going to paying dearly for this sewer infrastructure. Low-income property owners can’t even afford exorbitant news property taxes or hookup charges.

Some shall lose their homes.

The Golden State’s “tax machine” reveals that the tax burden is already too heavy for many to bear.

Moreover, Yucca Valley rentals will spike  because property owners are going to pass those sewer costs along to renters.

Lombardo has been on the town council for six years. He knows the city and citizens are unable to pay for a costly performing arts theater, but he tells the public that is why he want another four years. What the heck is Lombardo thinking?

Lombardo announced during a “Meet the Candidates” forum that making a performing arts theater happen “was one reason why he is running for re-election.

Commentary / Opinion by Branson Hunter

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