A visit couldn’t hurt.

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The Internet Social Community is a fraud. Facebook does not take the place of actual physical contact.

A telephone text is not a form of personal communication. 240 Characters in a twitter screed does not take the place of a old fashioned letter or for that matter an old fashioned phone call.

While this site has been a great bulletin board and a way of disseminating information like the other sources on the Internet it does and cannot take the place of face to face interaction. What ever happened to doing launch, or family diners?

Families are being destroyed day by day post by post. A picture posted to Facebook does not replace a hard copy photograph personally sent or delivered to Grandma or Grandpa. Old Uncle Joe waits for a visit from his nieces and nephews while still getting his news off the TV. He does not care about Facebook games.

I spent my whole life in the Communications Business. I spent Hundreds of thousands of hours on the phone, Sent a million or more emails. none of it can replace one minute of time spent with my late Father or beloved Grandmother in person. Wasting time with text messages is not a replacement for knocking on a door or setting on the porch with a loved one.

It is much much easier to send a simple text from the phone or an Instagram but it is cold and machinelike lacking feelings or soul. It’s to easy to misinterpret a Email, Text or Facebook Post. It is difficult if not impossible to misunderstand a hug, a kiss on the cheek or  a quiet conversation with a loved one.

We are all guilty of this new impersonal communication system. We are all guilty of saying the meanest things in less than 240 characters. While the smart phone and the personal computer has thousands of Applications that bring us into direct Video communications, we would rather continue to set snares and dead-falls with Text Message.

Life is not a chess game. The winner does not declare victory by the mount for friends they have on Facebook or how many Twitter Followers they have.

One more time, a social media post does not make for a letter or a phone call.  Don’t Text Me Call Me. I do not always respond to Facebook or twitter.  A visit couldn’t hurt.



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