6. Joshua Spring Calvary Church: Undue influence, close connection and free access to town councilmembers exposed?

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YUCCA VALLEY – Today a longtime Morongo Basin activist and Joshua Tree resident exposed how the town council is packed with members of the YV Joshua Tree Calvary Chapel.

The 1500 voting members of the Calvary Chapel prevents Latinos and other in the protected class from a potential seat on the council.

Public interest attorneys who are about to sue the town for violating the California Voting Rights Act, are also privy to this information.

This should get the attention of residences. It’s an embarrassment for city politics to be  tainted by the results and effect of  at-large elections.

Activist David Fick, who knows his way around the courthouse and local issues, made revealing allegations concerning the YV Joshua Springs Calvary Chapeland its unwholesome connection to the town council.

In social media today, Fick Blast the JTCC and council for being to cozy, as follows:

The Yucca Valley Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel has a “1500 member voting block of sheep (JS produced flyers have told the congregation members how to vote) in Yucca Valley.


So ya think the Joshua Springs Majority on the Town Council (Lombardo, Abel and Denison) are going to just give away their majority rule. Mr. Lombardo has harbored the exiled Isaac Hagerman in his pool house, Mr. Abel’s wife works as staff at the Joshua Springs Church and Mr. Denison is a member of that church.  Mr. Abel’s wife works as staff at the Joshua Springs Church and Mr. Denison is a member of that church. 

Joshua Springs is an investor in Sage Estates which is given a pass every time it comes before the Town Council – even though there’s over three hundred Joshua Trees “mysteriously” missing and they’ve wasted hundreds of acre feet of water in their Hurry Up and build the Sage Estates in the middle of a drought in the middle of the 2015 summer. — HDS, Fate of Joshua trees at new development stirs controversy

Source: Facebook Link (scroll down): What Is Going On In Morongo Basin 3

Meanwhile, a Yucca Valley resident makes a stellar case for YV district voting, this concerned citizen wrote:

The Town is influenced significantly by Pastor Jerel Hagerman from the Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel, where at least 4 of the 5 Town Councilman belong.

We elect 435 congressman to the House of Representatives every two years. If it was not for “districting” they would all be elected “at-large” , so what would happen is the area that had the most voters, say California, would have the capability to elect all 435 that came from California or New York. That would not be a fair representation. They would obviously be biased based on where they live. Well that is what is happening when you have “at-large” voting.

Right now, Yucca Valley fails the smell test for healthy politics.


Top photo Google public domain : Pastor Jerel Hagerman, Joshua Tree JTCC 
News/Opinion by Branson Hunter


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