5. It’s a shame Yucca Valley pretends they are in charge of inalienable voting rights

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Mighty Mouse has thrilled new generations of fans for decades. However, the collection of town councilmen are not Mighty Mice. 



The Morongo Basin Unified School District voted 4-1 to go with district elections on Tuesday and they started the process.

The the City of Twentynine Palms has already had an open public meeting on district-ward voting. The city has have started the process to go with district-ward voting.

Why is the town council bamboozled by outside legal council? Why are legal fees being pumped-up to reach the  inescapable conclusion that with about 22 residents out of 100 — the town would be foolish to expose taxpayers to the loosing-end of legal action — and mega-millions in costs and legal fees.

Has the council or the town’s outside legal council actually read the legislative intent and purpose of the California Voting Rights Act, or the court papers regarding the cities that regretfully allowed public interest attorneys to sue them?

They town council ought review case decisions to understand how and why courts have arrived at the decisions they have reached concerning the Fifteenth Amendment.

Why is it so easy for an undaunted town council to disrespect and dismiss transparency?

The town councilmen (where are the women?) continues to pretend they are in charge. That they are more mightier than citizens voting rights, and more mighty than the State of California. They know they are not, but continue to act like obstreperous children holding their breath for attention.

The town council continues to run up legal fees with no tangible or foreseeable returns.


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One Response to 5. It’s a shame Yucca Valley pretends they are in charge of inalienable voting rights

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter November 9, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    A Yucca Valley resident makes a case for district voting, as follows :

    We elect 435 congressman to the House of Representatives every two years. If it was not for “districting” they would all be elected “at-large” , so what would happen is the area that had the most voters, say California, would have the capability to elect all 435 that came from California or New York. That would not be a fair representation. They would obviously be biased based on where they live. Well that is what is happening when you have “at-large” voting.

    Another citizen posted the personal connect of the council to the Joshua Springs Calvary Church, as follows:

    So ya think the Joshua Springs Majority on the Town Council (Lombardo, Abel and Denison) are going to just give away their majority rule?. Mr. Lombardo has harbored the exiled Isaac Hagerman in his pool house, Mr. Abel’s wife works as staff at the Joshua Springs Church and Mr. Denison is a member of that church.

    This Facebook Link (scroll down): What Is Going On In Morongo Basin 3


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