4. Twilight Hour for Yucca Valley Power Structure?

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While excessive influence in local government, politics and education is likely in its twilight hour, the illusion of being in control is projected at city hall and by legal counsel.

The reshaping of where and how Yucca Valley citizens vote and the choices of who they vote for is almost certain to change. It is close to a moral certainty that at-large voting will be scrapped in Yucca Valley either voluntarily or by court order.

This has put the local voting power structure and the town government who they serve in fright.

If one understands that the Town is influenced significantly by Pastor Jerel Hagerman from the Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel, where at least 4 of the 5 Town Councilman belong, one can understand that by converting to district-ward election, the change will put an end to the heavy voting influence of self-serving power groups.

Legal action against the town has not yet been filed in superior court, but it was put into administrative action in September 2017. Skilled and aggressive public interest attorneys — who make very lucrative living defending the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) — served the town with a mandate to begin the process to change to district-ward voting.

Neither the council nor local media are keeping the citizens informed about what will happen when the town converts to district voting, or the ramifications that a protracted lawsuit will usher in.

The council is not in accord with the California Sunshine Laws; they are unnecessarily holding closed meeting and intentionally keeping the public in the dark. When you disrespect transparency, you insult YV citizen voters and residents.

Time limits are about up for the clandestine (closed-meeting) council to conform to the requirement of the CVRA, or spend mega-million to ultimately have the superior court mandate district elections and oversee the districting process.

In the past, the council has steadfast refused to ‘give-up power’ and change to district-ward-area elections. In other words, the town has shown little concern about constitutionally protected classes of citizens that have their voting rights infringed for far too long.

It seems that the town council have cloistered themselves in anguish about what is about to happen.

Thus far, local media and the council are keeping one of the biggest stories in years from reaching the general public. This is an opportunity for the media to dig their heels in.

In due time”district-ward’ elections will change the controversial power structure for voters in Yucca Valley; It will allow residents in city districts to vote for their own councilmembers who actually live in their area.

In other words, the CVRA will expands on the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, making it easier for protected classes in Yucca Valley to get elected.

If the town council votes to defend a lawsuit, they must prove that protected classes of votes are not being diluted in “at-large” elections.

Their illusion of the town council and outside legal counsel being in control is just that, an illusion. This is because the challenge before the city is “Twilight Hour for Yucca Valley Power Structure” and their town council loyalist.

News/Opinion by Branson Hunter


Insert photo left to right, Council members Jeff Drozd;  Rick Denison; Robert Lombardo; Robert Leone; and Mel Abel.  
Note after receiving the same demand letter from public interest attorneys re the CVRA, the City of Twentynine Palms wisely voted to initiating the beginning of what is to become district-ward elections in the city. The Morongo Unified School District at their next meet will consider converting to district voting (they too received a mandate letter).

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  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter November 9, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    Note that the Yucca Valley Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel has a “1500 member voting block of sheep (JS produced flyers have told the congregation members how to vote) in Yucca Valley.” — David Fick, Nov. 9, Thursday 2017


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