3. Rogue Yucca Valley Council’s censorship reaches unacceptable proportions

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Merl AbelRick DenisonJeff DrozdRobert LeoneRobert Lombardo


UPDATED Monday, 11-6-17 @ 3:07

YUCCA VALLEY – Local media in tandem with the town council continue to censor the many issues surrounding this hot-button item, to which is fundamental to the voting rights of Yucca Valley Citizens.

There is nothing in local news media  (not a surprise) and not a word from a very clandestine town council about the mandate for the council to do away with “at-large” elections, begin initiating ward-district elections, or be sued for massive amounts of taxpayers’ money.

This is NOT going away

FYI Legal experts are making scores of millions of dollar bring successful lawsuits against offending local governments in order to enforce fundamental rights guaranteed to California voters under Section 7 of Article I and Section 2 of Article II of the California Voting Rights Act..

The glass ceiling on censorship needs to be broken. Local news media is censoring the news of voters, media advertisers, and those whom have subscriptions to Hi-Desert Star.

Local media is remiss concerning the First Amendment Rights of a Free PressFirst Amendment rights demands investigation into the town’s failure to conform  to California’s Sunshine laws.

The HDS will run a story when the town council wants it to. Isn’t it obvious local news media is not a free press, but a mere organ for the council.

The Yucca Valley Town Council is practicing bad government with their censorship on important issues the public needs to know.

The legal notice to sue the Town of Yucca Valley was received in September 2017. The  notice is a statutory due process requirement.

Time is ticking on the time limits within which to answer, or be prepared to defend a protracted multi-million dollar lawsuit for violating the fundamental California and Federal voting rights of protected classes.

Endnote: More to come on this awful infringment on  citizens right to know (and the self-censorship of the local so-called free press.


Insert photo left to right, Councilmembers Mel Abel; Rick Denison; Jeff Drozd; Robert Leone; and Robert Lombardo.


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