Council urged to vote no on annual federal lobbyist contract

It is time for the council to represent the taxpayers of this city.

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Why squander taxpayer money for something congressional representatives and our two senators are better equipped to do? An annual expenses of  $41,000 plus for any federal lobbyist for the city is counterproductive and pointless. See below

The council is commended for “seemingly” favoring to terminate the annual federal lobbyist contract with Innovative Federal Strategies (IFS) against staff recommendation. See Staff Report (scroll down)

The annual contract for a IFS federal lobbyist firm is $41,000 annually, for $3,300 a month to which does not include expenses for the likes of DC lunches, dinners and liquor tabs.

Staff Report indicates that the “The City has decided to terminate the contract. The reason for the termination is IFS is better suited locally with wastewater project.”

The problem is that the council is expected to vote on the Staff Report Alternative to select a different lobbyist from three finalists. Though they could make no decision at this time.

Seriously, gentlemen, a small rural city/town like 29 Palms needs a Washington DC lobbyist about as much as it needs to execute an international lobbyist contract with a firm to lobby the United Nations.

There are little to no tangible benefits to residents, citizens or taxpayers to attempt to “shape national policy.” The economic benefits of annual payments to a DC-based federal lobbyist are outweighed by the fact that tangible benefits are speculative.

Leave the lobbying attempts to our California Congress members and two senators.

I urge you to vote against renewing the IFS contract, or executing any contract with the three finalist federal lobbyist firms.

It is not necessary to go along to get along to keep up appearances.

It is time for the council to actually represent the taxpayers of this city with genuine representation. It appears a “joke” when the word taxpayer is brought up in local government public venues.

Nonetheless, Twentynine Palms is a town with a strong family atmosphere that is rich and diverse in cultural and natural resources. Families work very diligently and hard for the money they earn.

Branson Hunter

Below: Council Meeting Agenda, Tuesday, January 10 @ 6:00 P.M.:



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2 Responses to Council urged to vote no on annual federal lobbyist contract

  1. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter January 10, 2017 at 5:06 am

    The city has engaged Congressman Cook to work out the details on a possible wastewater treatment facility to be used jointly by the city and adjacent military base.

    Therefore, a $41,000 annual contract to hire a totally unnecessary private sector lobbyist firm in Washington DC isn’t making efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
    Hiring a D.C. lobbyist firm is an unmitigated waste of public funds. Elected representatives are suppose to lobby for cities essential costly public works projects beyond the financial capability of a city. That is what Cook is doing.

    Why piss-away tens of thousand of taxpayers’ funds for a lobbyist that is unable to justify to the city any results?

    Taxpayers get NO RESPECT from those on the Twentynine Palms City Council. When you mention taxpayers it somehow becomes a subversive word.

  2. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter January 10, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    And Cook won’t charge $41,000.


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