29 Palms city called out for reactionary attitudes; opposing expansion of tribal sovereignty; Project Phoenix scam; Anti-Sanctuary City ordinance, and 50‘s mentality

The city has been raiding funds; breaching reserves and emergency catastrophic funds, and have unconscionable raised taxes on property owners without a vote to fund Phoneix. Full amount exceeds $30 M; city now wants another 30 million to complete a project that never started. Legal corruption. Two councilmen, Joel Klink and Dan Mintz, are beginning theird 12 year on the council. Both continue to blindly and arrogantly support two amazingly costly new duplicate structures and shamefully fund Theatre 20, now to the tune of over a million of taxpayers' blood and sweet. Recents city estimates to improve Theatre 29 soas to well over a million (full funding not factored in).

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“[29 Palms Band of Mission Indians] are thriving and ready and willing to invest locally.  Twentynine Palms is sort of belly up and waving a tin cup.”

Listen to all this BS from the City Council.

They’re green lighting “Project Phoenix”, a multi-million dollar [60 million all told] $$redevelopment scam engineered by [local] GOP bigwigs that will do nothing to draw visitors and shoppers to the unappetizing, treeless cement landscape of greater downtown ’29.

The Casino is the most successful private business venture in the whole town. Are the local gas stations afraid of a little competition?

The Tribe also wants to build an indoor “entertainment center” where major name performers can appear. And a nice restaurant too. Does this interfere with Project Phoenix’s proposed facility for the “arts”?

29 Palms is lucky to have the casino at all. It’s a huge draw of people into the town, and shops and restaurants all benefit. The Tribe is obviously better at business than the town.

They’re thriving and ready and willing to invest locally.  Twentynine Palms is sort of

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belly up and waving a tin cup.

Using taxes as an excuse is a real stretch since the casino is now the town’s biggest attraction.

The town fathers reactionary’ attitude fits right in with their recently declared “Anti-Sanctuary City” ordinance. It’s still the 1950’s in 29 Palms.

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City opposes expansion of tribal sovereignty.” The article is recommended reading to understand city logic for opposing a tribal “3,000 square foot convenience store and gas station, with 12 pumps and RV parking, on the southwest corner of Twentynine Palms Highway and Utah Trail.” 

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“Children of the Wolf” 

The 29 Palms Band of Mission Indians trace their origin back to the Chemeheuvi, a peaceful and nomadic tribe whose territory once covered Utah, Arizona, and southern Nevada. In the mid- 1800’s the Chemeheuvi migrated from Colorado River Valley to the more remote areas of the Mojave Desert. In 1867, a group of Chemeheuvi settled at the Oasis of Twenty-Nine Palms (the present day Oasis of Mara). The twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians are their descendants.

Today the Bands reservation lands are located near the town of Twenty Nine Palms, at the Intersection of I-10 and Highway 86, and includes the site of the Spotlight 29 Casino, whose proceeds help provide housing, education, and financial security for future generations.  Official Tribal Government Website

Tribal Expansion


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