2. What a shame Yucca Valley Town Council bows to legal counsel

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Updated 11-2-17

The zeal of being a partner in a law firm that represents cities and towns is the “hustle” in bringing in money for the firm.

The council of Yucca Valley (and 29 Palms) without exception vote in agreement and accord with the legal counsel suggestions and advise. All too often that advise is more in the best interest of the law firm than it is for citizens and taxpayers.

The obsequious nature of the town council seriously digresses; this furthers the pandemic problems in the Basin in local government: Group think, going along to get along.

By going-along with legal counsel all the time, councilmembers compromise independent analyzes and critical thinking on important issues as expected by the public.

Too often the council  hide behind closed-doors in their  bowing devotion to legal counsel. Too often legal counsel — and a very willing town council — hide behind closed-doors away from the public.

Too often the town council couches its suggestions and legal advise in such broad terms,  and the simplest of muffled terms and speculation, the advise and suggestions are tailored to favorable the law firm. Too often legal counsel is remiss in examining other resolutions and alternatives.

Legal counsel for 29 Palms is an excellent example of how small-town council members are snowed and follow groupie-think.

Taxpayers in 29 Palms are out a cool $33.5 million as a result of the bad legal advise. Legal counsel enriched himself and the firm in which he is a full partner in a material way. The city has zero to show for that bond debt.

The entire Project Phoenix design was recently found inappropriate. The entire design was hushed-up when it was tossed in the trash.

Yucca Valley lost a lawsuit a few years ago for failure to disclose public information. That cost taxpayers tens of thousands in legal fees. Legal counsel pushed the town council to sue. The town lost in a humiliating defeat.

However, legal counsel benefited in legal fees.

The town council  a few years ago chose to “pay off” the then city manager, Mark Nuaimi, with $166,000 bribe with the consideration he would go-away for his “indiscretions” (debauchery).

The town council chose to follow legal advise and chose to reward the disgraced then town manager with great sums of money. And the council disregarded the city agreement to release the city manager for cause for moral turpitude without penalty .

The latest trick of legal counsel and town council is their stalling and “running-up” legal fees in order to investigate the town’s mandate to initiate steps to convert to district ward elections, or be sued.

When suits like this are brought to implement the California Voting Rights Act, cities and towns lose. It’s that simple. Most all cities that have allegedly violated the Act, and who have received suit letters, have begun the change to district-ward elections.

When the courts are involved and cities lose these suits, courts and appointed professionals draw-up the districts.

The 29 Palms City Council realized this very soon and had an open meeting. Twentynine chose to initiate steps to begin the conversion to district ward voting.

Yucca Valley Town Council continues to disregarding transparency: The town council thus far is going-along with legal counsel by turning the lights out on transparency  regarding well-founded legal-professional allegations the town is violating the California Voting  Rights (CVRA) Act.

This is a mistake. Why is this town council bent on a closed government and running-up legal feess?



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