Why I support Tim Donnelly.

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Tim Donnelly is running for Congress in the 8th District of California. Tim is running against the the ineffective incumbent Paul Cook.

Who is this Tim Donnelly?

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman—serving 2 terms and was a candidate for California Governor in 2014—winning almost 650K votes. Tim was born the third oldest of 14 children, moving to California in 1985 with only $300 in his pocket, where he quickly improved his fortunes, graduating from UC Irvine in 1989.  Less than 10 years later, he’d met and married Rowena, started a family and a business at the same time–supplying solutions to the plastics manufacturing sector.

In 2006, Tim became a Minuteman leader, and is now considered one the foremost authorities on illegal immigration in the country.

In 2010, Tim introduced a law similar to Arizona’s SB1070 law in California, ending sanctuary cities, increasing penalties for human trafficking of minors, requiring all employers to use e-verify, and requiring the enforcement of all immigration laws by state and local governments.

In 2013, he led the charge to get Child Protective Services (CPS) audited. That same year, Tim’s bill AB351, the California Liberty Preservation Act of 2013, which nullifies the NDAA in California, was signed into law.

Tim has been a staunch defender of our Civil Liberties, and there is no stronger advocate of the 2nd Amendment in California. Tim Donnelly – proud patriot, husband, father, author, and U.S. citizen.

What does Tim Donnelly stand for?

1. Build the Wall.  Secure the Border,  Enforce all immigration laws without favoritism and restore our national sovereignty and the rule of law.

2. Repeal ObamaCare.  This disaster of a program has driven up the cost of health insurance in order to provide a socialistic safety net to millions of people who have their policies subsidized at the expense of citizens who work.

3. Pass Real Tax Reform by cutting tax rates across the board for everyone who pays taxes.  Every time it’s been tried, cutting tax rates has always spurred economic growth and job creation.  I will not only oppose all tax increases, but I will work to lower the tax burden on every Californian.

4. Defend our inalienable, God-given, natural rights:  that of life (the unborn and elderly), liberty (Self Defense and the Second Amendment) and property (Private Property Rights) from Government infringement.

5. Take care of our Veterans.   This starts with respect. We live in the greatest country on earth, thanks to their sacrifice. Reform the VA. Acknowledge the traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that afflict many who return home, seemingly healthy and whole, but who are left to fight this hidden killer alone.  Treat them as we would like to be treated.

6. Stand with the President against Islamic Terrorism. Enforce the Travel Ban, end the Obama refugee program and keep our communities safe from Muslim terrorism.  After San Bernardino, I will never apologize or be politically correct about the threat that took the lives of our friends, neighbors and co-workers on that terrible day.  Never again!

7.  Reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government. End the IRS, End the Dept of Education and End federal oversight via Common Core over local education.  The Founders intended for us to rule ourselves—instead of having multiple layers of bureaucracy attempting to micromanage our lives.

8. Support parental rights to make medical decisions for their children rather than government mandates. As Americans, one thing we cherish above all is liberty and the freedom to make medical decisions for ourselves and our children, rather than have government make them for us.  God gave children to parents, not the state.  I will oppose any and all attempts by the Federal Government to come between you and your child.

9. Stand for the first amendment and end censorship in silicon valley. Increasingly, we see the rise of new monopolies in Silicon Valley conglomerates control most of digital and social media.  Companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. are openly political and use their incredible reach to censor and silence any speech they don’t like. Free Speech rights and the First Amendment must be protected everywhere—even in this new digital space.

10. Land Use/Federal Control:  The Federal government claims “ownership” of close to half of our land in California (45.8%), something the framers of the Constitution never could have envisioned.  Federal land use in the West and in California, in particular, needs to be re-evaluated in the interests of citizens of each state.  By converting tracts of Federal land back to state control, the land could potentially be used for productive purposes, and better serve the interests of the people of California, and the 8th District.

Why I support Tim Donnelly.

I want an effective legislator in Washington, not some namby-pamby, limp dick, self-aggrandizing Swamp Rat. In the six years the incumbent has been in office, he has failed to defend the private property rights of the citizen’s of the 8th District. He is stalwart for nothing. His guiding principles are dictated by a wet finger held high into the wind of opinion.

I know that Tim Donnelly’s principles are rooted in the good soil of our Constitution and watered by his understanding of the lessons of history.

I know Tim Donnelly will defend the rights of all.

I know that Tim Donnelly will support and defend the Constitution not bend and twist it to meet the whims of the Washington elites.

I know Tim Donnelly supports and will defend your Rights enshrined in the “Bill of Rights.” Including your Right to keep and bear arms.

I know Tim Donnelly will fight to protect your property and your right to be secure from unreasonable and unwarranted search or seizure.

I know that Tim Donnelly supports secure and defensible National Boarders. He will fund the “Wall.”

Tim Donnelly will end the 6 years of RINO occupation that has sapped the Conservative spirit from the 8thCongressional District.

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  1. Papparatzi
    Papparatzi April 26, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    My support comes from personal experience. I’ve known Tim for about 5 years. I’m a registered independent voter. I’m tired of all the blamers that only get people riled up to motivate their base. Tim is a no bull guy. He’s a doer and getting things done for the people he represents is what he will do. As a family man I’m privileged to have first hand knowledge of his dedication to family. I’m also a conservative but I’d rather vote for a liberal than a lip serving phony politician conservative. I prefer character over one line promises that were never intended to be kept from a challenger or incumbent.


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